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  • Master's Level Certified Life Coach & Licensed Psychotherapist
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After spending 20-30 years creating a life that is centered around family and career, it's time to focus some time and attention on what you want now.  It might be exactly what you chose for yourself as a young woman and it might be completely different.  For most women,  we haven't taken the time to ask ourselves  What do I want? Who am I apart from all of the roles that I play ?  What brings me joy ?  What do I need more of in my life? What do I need to let go of because it no longer suits the woman I have become ?  These are the questions that become vital to ask ourselves at mid life if we want to continue to evolve and grow.  As our children move away and our parents pass on,  we find more time and energy to devote to getting to know ourselves again.  For most of us, we aren't simply an older version of our younger self, we are a whole new person just waiting to be discovered. 
Many women over 50 feel restless and eager to try something new, but also kind of anxious or fearful.   This time of life is so full of changes, both losses and gains.  Our roles and responsibilities are shifting at home and at work and it seems like suddenly everything is up for negotiation, when all was status quo just a short time ago.  The biological roller coaster of menopause often ushers us into the awareness that this period of our life will be different than what has come before.  We may not feel prepared or even know what to expect.  Our mothers often were not professionals with high powered careers and typically did not have so many important decisions to make at this time in their lives, so who do we turn to for wisdom and guidance ? 
It's easy to stay stuck in our tired old habits and lifestyles because the prospect of change feels so daunting. We may secretly envy our friends who are downsizing or relocating, starting a business or changing careers or even getting divorced and starting their lives over.  Do we have the courage to reinvent ourselves ? What if we fail at our brand new life ? What if we really don't know what we want or even who we are anymore ?  It can be overwhelming to say the least.   
This is where an experienced therapist and life coach comes in.  Not only am I a seasoned woman who has navigated changing careers, starting a business,  the empty nest, loss of a parent,  remarriage after a decade of single parenting and the upheaval of menopause, all since turning 50, but I have helped guide and support many women on their mid life journeys as well.   Combining the skills of counseling and coaching has been the key to creating true transformation for my clients. We don't focus exclusively on the past, in fact the past is only relevant if we haven't learned what isn't working for us anymore.  I like to start with what is working in your life and what is no longer working or perhaps never was. We get clear on your values and priorities and what areas of your life need some focus and attention. Then we address the obstacles to moving forward, set goals and create a relationship based on guidance, support and accountability so you can move toward the life you want and are excited about living.  My philosophy is that your life can truly begin at 50.  What are you waiting for ? 

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