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Anger Therapist

Craig Clark, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

1800 Fair Oaks Avenue, South Pasadena, California

Most people who have difficulties controling their anger attempt to suppress the anger by various means, which often leads to future eruptions. A more effect approach is to explore the causes of the anger by discussing your feelings with an objective psychologist. Ironically, anger control is gained not through "control of anger" but through feeling and understanding the anger.

Anger Therapist

Mark Reid, Mark Reid

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

301 E Colorado Blvd, Suite 807, Pasadena, California

Anger is actually quite useful and can give us a lot of information about how we are feeling. Anger is not really a feeling but a reaction to other feelings. It provides energy when we are not being treated well. It tells us when we are in pain or have been hurt. When we fearful we can become angry. When anger is not allowed to be expressed or goes on too long it is not healthy. Once you learn what anger is telling you and get in touch with the underlying feelings you can learn to manage anger appropriately.

Anger Therapist

Gary Brainerd, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Marriage Therapist

595 E. Colorado Blvd., Suite 405, Pasadena, California

Anger can be an ally and not a detriment. Individuals need to learn how they create and contribute to their feelings of anger and how to control the expressions of anger so it benefits them rather than hurts them. When a hose is leaking, you might need to turn off the power from the connection to the house, or you may need to relieve the pressure by adjusting the nozzle. Similarly, we all need to learn how we create excessive anger -- AND we need to learn how to control the expression of that anger.

Anger Therapist

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

At Home or Private Discreet Intensives

Grey Matters International and the work of Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D approaches issues of anger management in a very humane yet fresh perspective. You see, anger is a normal emotion but it is the valence (intensity) as well as the coupling choice of what one does with this that is the problem. Telling someone to "not" do it or modifying behavior with a trite psychological plan that only breeds a compliant response is not the way to change anger. Brainwave optimization is a new cutting edge technology that allows one to rewire circuitry responsible for reactivity driving the anger. Contact Grey Matters International, Inc now at or 877-606-6161.

Anger Therapist

Rebecca Bokoch, PsyD

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

280 S Los Robles Ave Unit B, Pasadena, CA 91101, Pasadena, California

Anger is a very strong emotion. Anger can be highly destructive in many aspects of a person's life. I would help clients to separate themselves from their anger, so that it does not have the power to define their identity or their relationships. I would also help clients to increase anger management skills by exploring the source of their anger, mapping the influence of their anger, identifying triggers, and exploring the progression of their anger. In addition, I would help enhance client relaxation strategies by practicing breathing techniques, mindfulness meditation, and progressive muscle relaxation.

Anger Therapist

Curtis Miller, MFT, Psy.D., D. Min., M.A., M.Div.

Marriage and Family Therapists, Psychotherapy

482 N Rosemead Blvd, Pasadena, California

Anger is not only something to "manage." The feelings in anger need to be recognized, understood, and responding to in a way that make sense. You're not bad because you are angry, you treat yourself and others badly when your trapped in intense feelings. I help people come out of the shame of being labeled in negative ways because they struggle with anger. Anger becomes less of a struggle when you're not alone in it.

Anger Therapist

The A Treatment Center, LPCC, LMFT

The A Treatment Center; Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist

127 N Madison Ave #302, Pasadena , California

We offer Anger Management classes to both court ordered and volunteer clients. Our program is 52 weeks of new material each week. It is evidence based and helps facilitate change if the client chooses to apply the principles taught. The work book and tools used in class are effective in helping clients find an alternative way of communicating their feelings or anger, frustration and even hurt. By implementing the tools taught, many clients have seen dramatic change in their relationships.

Anger Therapist

Mark Baker, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

650 Sierra Madre Villa, Suite 110, Pasadena, California

We frequently offer courses on Anger Management and have several therapists that specialize in this area. Helping people struggling with anger requires a specialized approach to treatment so make sure you are talking to a therapist that specializes in this area if you are in need of help. Call us and our intake coordinator will have one of our anger management specialists give you a call.

Anger Therapist

Lauren Stevenson, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

444 South Marengo Ave. , Pasadena, California

Feeling out of control can be extremely distressing, destructive, and can have a lasting impact on your relationships with others. Learning how to manage your emotions and effectively deal with anger is an important goal, and one that can be accomplished through active participation in therapy. The goals is for our clients to leave therapy with the skills and confidence that they can manage the challenges that come with everyday life. Learning such skills will directly help with increasing the quality of your relationships and decrease the negative impact of your anger in areas such as work, school, and family difficulties. It can also potentially help avoid any negative legal outcomes.

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