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For most couples, the happiest moments of life happen with their partner -- some of the most frustrating moments of their life happen with their partner.  When frustrations start outweighing the good times, it is time to see what can be done.
 Our mission is to help couples understand those frustrations and transform them into moments of understanding, healing and even greater satisfaction. Professionals have learned more in the last 30 years than in the prior 100 about what makes relationships work, why they can be so frustrating and how to created a deeply satisfying love relationship.
This knowledge is made available to couples in several ways":
  • Individual or Couples Therapy - For those who can afford it, seeing a psychologist who specializes in relationships is ideal.  Dr. Brainerd has over 40 years of experience in working with couples and has trained with some the best specialists in couples therapy.  He is an Advanced Clinician in the Imago Relationship Therapy and is a Certified Workshop Presenter.
  • ·        The Relationship Help APP – For $1.99 you can have a power tool with you 24/7 - an APP that incorporates the most powerful and effective tools for couples that are being used by professionals around the world. This can be seen as a Workshop on an APP! 

  • ·        The Couples Workstation – A low-cost membership area of our website that is a companion to the APP. You can work on your relationship in the privacy of your home and get support for build effective skills and habits to make your relationship better.

    Click Here to “Take the Tour” of the Couples Workstation. AND email for a Certificate number that will give you a free trial month in the Workstation.

  • ·        Couples Workshops – Workshops are often a cost effective way to get help in your relationship. A workshop has been likened to 3-6 months of therapy. Check out our Workshops at or write for more information.

  • ·        Training for Professionals – Dr. Brainerd offers local training groups for Mental Health Professionals who want to learn his approach to working with couples and to use the Relationship APP and the Couples Workstation in their practice. The Workstation was designed to be shared with other websites and can be placed seamlessly on your website or on a web page we give you. He also does training by phone or Skype, and presents Workshops for therapists around the country once a month. 

    Click Here for a Schedule of his National Workshops for Therapists (Couples can attend as well)


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