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Are you using substances, gambling, or technology to escape from everyday difficulties? Is this behaviour negatively affecting other areas of your life, including relationships, employment, finances, and health? Do you want to gain a sense of control over your life, build self-esteem, overcome anxiety, and develop a sense of meaning and purpose?
 I can help you overcome an addiction to gambling, gaming, or substances. I specialize in Motivational Interviewing and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Both of these client-centered counselling styles are backed by strong research and have been demonstrated to effectively help people gain a sense of control over their behavior.
 If you want to overcome psychological barriers to pursuing a life of meaning, purpose, and social connection, I invite you to reach out. If you're searching for a neutral non-judgmental person to talk to, counselling is a safe way to gain insight and regain a sense of control.

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