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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate
  • 499 N Canon Dr, Beverly Hills, California, 90210
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Hi, I'm Christian, welcome to my page! I help individuals actualize their potential in their personal, professional, and spiritual lives. I support people in overcoming issues with sex and substance addiction, anxiety, depression, imposter syndrome, relationship issues and past trauma. 
My Approach: Advil for Your Headache? 
It's hard to know what's running you. I have been trained not only in the evidence based practices such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, etc . But also in the practices that focus on the unconscious and delve deeper than the surface level behaviors. "I often say to my clients that it's great to have Advil when we have a headache, but what's better than Advil is to be able to stop headaches from happening in the fist place."As a practitioner in psycho-analytic theory, I work to help make the unconscious conscious. When we understand what's going on and where it's coming from, we are able to make new choices. We no longer have to throw Advil at our problems because we know where problems come from and how to actually solve them. Together, we will explore what is really running you so you can regain clarity and control of your life and live with more purpose and meaning. 
Christian Counseling, Addiction Therapy, EMDR, TF-CBT:
I take a relational approach to address the beliefs and past experiences that are keeping you from your full potential personally, relationally and in your career. Some of the unique services I offer are Sex Addiction Therapy, Christian Counseling, Executive Coaching and EMDR / Trauma Focused CBT.
Christian Counseling: After having worked as a youth pastor and having a degree in theology, believe me when I say that the spiritual work done in sessions is the most important element. In my Christian Counseling work, we will approach your challenges with God at the forefront of our minds. I personally find this to be some of the most rewarding work as God has a funny way of changing someone's life when they're really ready to step in and take a look. 
Sex Addiction Therapy: Currently, I am serving as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist Candidate. I regularly perform sex addiction assessments that will help you and your therapist figure out if you are struggling with a sexual addiction and treat it. I also offer guided programs to help individuals overcome addictions to sex, pornography and a other substance related issues.

Executive Coaching: I offer coaching for high performers who need real results and have tried traditional approaches. In our work together I not only help you problem solve and experience things from new angles, but also, break and expand paradigms, bring unconscious material to the surface and supporting you in a multitude of other ways to achieve peak performance. 
EMDR: In my EMDR work I help people process simple and complex traumas that are keeping them from who they could be. Often times, we don't realize how trauma is effecting our lives. EMDR is the fastest way I've seen to help client's overcome traumatic experiences and live a life with more freedom and purpose.  
Life Before Therapy:
Before coming to the field of psychology, I was blessed to have had a successful career in the music industry. Through that process, I was forced to overcome my own fears, anxieties, addictions and self doubts. Therapy not only helped clarify what was holding me back but also laid the groundwork for building an even more fulfilling future.
Today, I have the honor of assisting others in experiencing the same real and lasting change. If this profile speaks to you--lets connect. I'd love to meet you and see how I can support you in your journey.  

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