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  • LPC. Licensed Professional Counselor.
  • 1945 J.N. Pease Place. Ste. 202, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28262
  • Phone: 704-787-1793
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  • Session Fees: Ninety dollars per session. Cash, Check, Charge or Debit accepted.

Have you being going through a difficult time lately? Have you been down, frustrated, angry, or anxious? Counseling can help. 

Meet Greg

Greg is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).  He is originally from Michigan, where he practiced for twelve years at two busy clinics.  He moved here for better weather, close friends, nice people, and new opportunities. He enjoys helping people realize more of their full potential!
His Approach 
Mr. Preston prides himself on being laid back, open minded, and welcoming.  He does his best to create a warm, safe, confidential environment!  He is skilled and trained to listen in a unique way as good therapists do.  He is eclectic, borrowing from various schools of psychology.  His main focus is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  CBT is a way to see the world through the client's eyes and learn the stories that they tell themselves.  While keeping and encouraging the good stuff, Greg helps the client identify the irrational self-defeating thoughts and patterns (which we all have). If the client is interested, he helps him or her reframe the negative irrational beliefs to learn to see things differently.  With practice and guidance, clients learn to see things and themselves in a more positive, rational way.  Over time the new ways become automatic and people start to feel better and grow mentally and psychologically! Additionally, Mr. Preston teaches people other coping mechanisms.  Including deep diaphragmatic breathing, calming relaxation, problem solving, improved assertive communication and channeling energies.

My Education and Experience 

Mr. Preston has the education and training to help people that want to learn to cope better. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Oakland University and a Master's Degree in Counseling from Wayne Sate University.  He went to college for seven years with the dream of being a therapist and assisting people with their problems. Greg has worked as a volunteer and intern helping people while in undergraduate and graduate school.  He also was employed by Henry Ford Health  System's Maplegrove Hospital in West Bloomfield, Michigan while in graduate school.  He not only counseled individuals and families, but he also taught didactics and led up to three therapy groups a week.  He has been certified and licensed in mental health counseling and substance abuse, as well as addictions recovery therapy.   Mr. Preston also completed a year and a half post-master's psychodynamic and psychometric testing/evaluation certification program at Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan.  And finally, Greg also taught Career Counseling and "Becoming a Master Student" at Oakland Community College in Auburn Hills, Michigan.  There he enjoyed educating students to help them better themselves.

Is Counseling for You? 

Are you suffering from sadness, anxiety, or having difficulty adjusting to change or loss? It takes courage to take the first step and contact a therapist.  If you are having issues in your life that you are having difficulty changing, therapy can helpful. Usually, talking to a licensed trained professional in a confidential, supportive environment can be tranformational!  

Benefits of Counseling

Counseling is a process of self discovery that can help people more successfully cope with various situations that present challenges in their lives. The therapy/counseling process can help people get unstuck. Through the development of an increased self-awareness, people are able to gain a better understanding of their own behavior and issues, feelings and events that drive them.  The most useful benefit of therapy is often an improvement in health and well-being.  This often translates into increased self-confidence, productivity and a greater sense of vitality and peace of mind.

A Typical Session with Me 

The first session includes a lot of questions from Greg getting to know the client. He will take notes initially. This will include inquiring about symptoms, history, medical, family, childhood, and coping skills.  Other questions include assessing the client's needs, goals, and strengths.   Clients will be asked for detailed examples of what's troubling them and what it would look like if things were better, the way they would like things to be.  An outline or scaffolding, so to speak, is developed together with stated goals broken down into manageable, realistic steps!  In subsequent sessions, clients will explore their emotions, thoughts, and experiences that have led to both positive and negative outcomes.  A pattern will be identified and you will be helped to connect the dots.  This will create more insight, meaning, and significance.  Collaboratively, much of this material will be transformed into a plan of action toward your stated goals.

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