Renee Fromm, MA, LPC-S

Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor

Location: 3550 Parkwood Blvd, Frisco
Fast Contact: Email or Call Renee.

Working with children is a specialty and must be treated in this way. Children are most commonly brought to therapy, not on their own motivation. I am able to build a rapport with children and help them understand the benefits of therapy. I am able to engage them in healing their hurts, or lessening their anxieties, or even empowering them to control their own behavior. I have built my life around working with and relating to children, and nothing gives me more pleasure than to watch them succeed and gain all that life has to offer.

Sanaz Adibian, PsyD.

Sanaz Adibian, PsyD.
Child Psychologist


Location: 2591 Dallas Pkwy Suite 300, Frisco
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Adibian.

Children and Adolescents have obstacles today that were not present even 10 years ago. There is a huge generational gap that I can help connect. The expectations on young women and men are quite different and much more than they were before. I can help children and adolescents become connected to themselves and reconnected to their parents. This opens the path to mindful-freedom for the whole family.

Feda Shawwa, M.S., LPC, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Location: 5601 Democracy DR SUITE 185, Plano
Fast Contact: Email or Call Feda.

The education, care and development of our children has advanced in many ways over the years. Yet there are still many children in society today who struggle with mental and emotional difficulties that keep them from feeling secure and happy. Through play therapy, your children can learn how to express negative thoughts and emotions in a positive and constructive manner. Children age 2-10 years old often have a difficult time expressing their thoughts and feelings in words. This can resort to them becoming frustrated, angry and discontent. In play therapy, kids are encouraged to convey their feelings as they play with their toys. Because a major part of children’s lives revolve around playing,....

Paul Myers, MA.

Licensed Mental Health Therapist

Location: 6860 North Dallas Parkway, Plano
Fast Contact: Email or Call Paul.

Children many times do not even know how they feel about their circumstances and often have difficulty communicating it. Even if they did know many times they won't share it with a parent out of fear. Therapy helps a child overcome difficult emotions, learn how to regulate them in a healthy way, and provides valuable feedback for the parents. There are specific tools used that provide a child the ability to express their feeling accurately.

Abel Tomatis, PhD (Spanish-speaking)

Abel Tomatis, PhD (Spanish-speaking)
Child Psychologist

Licensed Psychologist (Tx License #: 34306)

Location: 17762 Preston Rd. #104, Dallas
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Tomatis.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if kids came with owner’s manuals? Well, as parent’s know all too well, they don’t, which means that parenting oftentimes can feel like a series of trial-and-error experiences. These experiences, in turn, can sometimes leave us feeling frustrated, exhausted, exasperated and perhaps even afraid that we might be doing more harm than good. Because of this pressure and uncertainty (especially among first time parents), when I work with young children and their parents, our focus is to identify the strengths parents and children bring with them, and use this as a starting point towards addressing whatever concerns may be occurring. I utilize this approach because having worked....

Julia Stacy, MA, LPC-S

Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor

Location: 16800 Dallas Parkway, Suite 150, Dallas
Fast Contact: Email or Call Julia.

Play Therapy is utilized with young children so that they are given the opportunity to express their feelings, practice constructive behaviors and work out solutions to problems. Unlike adults, children use play and toys as their language. Though children have often not yet developed the verbal capacity to express their feelings and experiences using words, they naturally express themselves though play. It is effective in addressing a variety of issues such as behavior problems, divorce, family conflict, school difficulties, attachment and peer issues. Ms. Stacy facilitates problem solving and acceptance of responsibility so that the child is empowered to make better choices.

Audrey Kteily, Ph.D, LPC-S

Family Psychotherapist

Location: 702 S. Denton Tap Rd, Suite 140, Coppell
Fast Contact: Email or Call Dr. Kteily.

Dr. Kteily takes a family systems approach when working with clients. She assesses not only the individual but the family as well as other environments the person is active in. This gives Dr. Kteily a complete picture of the person's life and where changes need to be made. Of course some topics require a sharper approach such as addiction, anxiety and panic, and depression. Dr. Kteily works closely with each individual's physicians to manage their symptoms while helping each person find the root cause and eradicate it.

Marcey Mettica, MS, LPC, RPT

Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Play Therapist, Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator

Location: 3067 Falcon Road, Suite 100 , Prosper
Fast Contact: Email or Call Marcey.

Children are special and they need a special kind of therapy to allow them to share in developmentally appropriate ways. I am a Registered Play Therapist with specialized training and credentials to work with children. Many therapists will work with children, but I encourage you to ask about their training and credentials. Play therapy is a structured, theoretically based approach that builds on children's normal communicative and learning process. Play therapy helps children express what is troubling them, using toys as words, and play as their language.

Gretchen Hentsch-Cowles, M.S, LMFT-Associate

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

Location: 2601 Sagebrush Dr., Suite 104, Flower Mound
Fast Contact: Email or Call Gretchen.

Children can be very effective members in a family therapy setting, as they are honest and usually open about their feelings, and their perception of what the issues are in the dynamics of the family. Children who exhobit behavioral or emotional issues are often expressing their anxiety, stress, or unresolved feelings around problems that are not being dealt with wihtin the family. Contrary to popular belief, children who exhibit issues, are not the "identified patient", but rather are expressing symptoms of a greater problem. Parents need to address with their family the issues present, and often times, when issues are addressed, children will cease to display unhealhty behaviors.

Cody Ely, MA, LPC Intern, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor Intern, National Certified Counselor, Supervised by Vicki Moody, MA, LPC-S, LCDC, NCC

Location: 1701 Gateway Blvd., Suite 385, Richardson
Fast Contact: Email or Call Cody.

Children can often frustrate us more than any other age group. Well, maybe not teenagers. But have you forgotten that you were once a child? Yes, we have all been there before. We have all been through that period of life where we are curious about the world, curious about ourselves, have an incredible imagination, and playing is the greatest thing ever. Yet, we're still trying to learn about what's right and wrong. We don't understand the world and why things happen. We just know we're sad, but we don't know why.

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