Paul Myers, MA. LPC

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  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • 704 East 15th street, Plano, Texas, 75074
  • Phone: 972 345 6788
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  • Session Fees: I am in network with Cigna. All other networks we will collect the fees upfront and provide you with a receipt that can be filed as a claim. With no coverage the average cost per session is $90-$120.
  • This member is also available for E-counseling.
  • E-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

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Counseling is my life's calling and I take great joy in helping people strengthen their families, marriages, relationships, and overall mental health. I'm a licensed professional counselor specializing in: relationship conflict, marriage/family struggles, anxiety, depression, children/adolescents, ADHD, school behavior, parenting, addictions, grief and loss, abuse and trauma, career decisions and issues with self-esteem. 
I counsel from a faith-based approach that is warm, empathetic, and understanding to your particular struggles and needs. I offer concrete tools for practical and exponential improvement.
I have two offices (one in Frisco, another in East Plano) so that I'm positioned to provide quality sessions to all demographics regardless of race, gender, age, etc.
I am highly committed to improving relationships, marriages, and families by focusing on communication between partners, providing applicable practices for conflict resolution, and strengthening vital elements of the relationship: love, trust, and commitment. 

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