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Family Counselor

Ellie Zarrabian, PhD, CMT

Founder & Spiritual Director

Centerpeace Foundation, West Los Angeles, CA 90024

A healthy family is much like owning and maintaining a car. That is, if something is wrong with the car, the car won't run properly. Same goes for families. If one person is having difficulties then it affects the entire family. Family therapy helps everyone in the family work better together by addressing all the problems that are getting in the way.

Family Counselor

Sheri Rose-McCashin, M.S., LMFT,

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFC 28036)

Within Driving Distance of West Los Angeles, CA

Working with single parent families is an area in which I have a lot of experience. Often time it is helpful to facilitate communication and support to both parties since neither one feels heard or respected. This dynamic can lead to a power struggle and then the relationship get stuck in a "You are going to do what I say"; "You can't make me" dance. Another aspect is dealing with differences between temperament types. A parent and child be mismatched. Increasing awareness of the differences and dealing with them can make all the difference in the world. It is helpful at times to have individual sessions to support disclosure and practicing new skills in an open,supportive place.

Family Counselor

Shana Lutsky, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Within Driving Distance of West Los Angeles, CA

Families represent complex systems. Given the various players and personalities, there can arise conflict, misunderstanding and strife and causes difficulties and hurt. Much of the work I do as a family therapist is to assist family members to improve their communication with each other and provide them with tools to do so. As well, if one family member is presenting as troubled or ill (either mentally or physically), the other family members are inevitably affected, as is the family structure and dynamic. Therefore, it is important to treat the who family. I take a holistic approach to the family, and focus on the system not only the identified patient.

Family Counselor

David Silverman, Licensed LMFT, EMDR Trained

Free 60 minute First Session/Consult

2001 Barrington Ave., West Los Angeles, CA 90025

In working with families, we will collaborate on addressing the couple's need to be in charge. Family rules and boundaries are sometimes unclear to children. We will work together to communicate your expectations. When acting out, underachievement, conduct problems, defiant or oppositional behaviors present in the children, the the parents need to be on the same page. Your family will learn, insession, preferred communicatin styles; empathic listening, group problem solving skills, tolerance, respect and acceptance of each other. Family members will learn to interact without anger, resentment, sarcasm or disrespect. Parents need to be authoritative without being authoritarian.

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