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Grief & Loss

Tracey Cleantis, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

25000 Avenue Stanford, Suite 218, Valencia, CA

Most patients I see realize that they have had losses and have suffered grief and yet are not sure exactly how to grieve or even if they should be grieving. "Shouldn't I be over this by now?", I hear many patients ask me. My answer to them and to you is that you aren't over it until you are over it, and even then the losses you have suffered are something that is a part of your life story. In our work together we create a place for you to mourn the losses that you have suffered, go through the stages and grief in a safe and supportive environment---for the only way to get through the other side of grief is to go thought it.

Grief & Loss

Jan Click, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

28494 Westinghouse Place, Suite 203, Valencia, CA

We all will experience grief and loss at some point in our lives. For some people, these losses can be taken in stride. For others, it becomes a watershed moment that is hard to move past. I have many years of experience working with clients who have experienced grief and loss. It is common to experience shock, overwhelming sadness, anger and disbelief after a loss has occured. Through the counseling process, I will help you come to terms with the loss and begin to move forward in your life. You can begin to find the meaning in your life and start to experience enjoyment and happiness once again.

Grief & Loss

Lee Langley, M.S., LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

28494 Westinghouse Place Suite 214, Valencia, CA

Everyone must deal with grief and loss at some point in their lives. When the loss is significant, the sadness can be overwhelming. Sometimes, the best therapy in such cases is simply to provide a safe place for the client to be heard and supported. Just being there for someone who is dealing with loss and the grief that accompanies it is often sufficient to help them manage the feelings and get back to living their own life in a productive and satisfying way.

Grief & Loss

Donald Goodman, LCSW

licensed clinical social worker

27955 smyth dr. Suite 101, Valencia, CA

We believe a vital part of therapy is the idea of grief and loss. Your ability to accept things the way they are can be hugely affected by the way you have dealt with loss in your life. In order to create a new future, sometimes that requires mourning the loss of some aspect of yourself. If therapy is something you are considering, then chances are you have had many struggles in your life and something you resorted to for survival may not be the best coping skill of today. However, letting go of that coping skill can be a painful loss of yourself. For example, if you found validation in sexual experiences and clung to some aspect of relationships throughout your life, then letting go of

Grief & Loss

April De Higes, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

28494 Westinghouse Place, Ste. 214, Valencia, CA

Having experienced several losses as a child, I know the pain that people experience when they lose a sibling, a parent/grandparent, or friend. Grief can affect many areas of your life. Feeling sad, lonely, or lost is a common experience. I want to help you work through the grief process so that you can remember your loved one and continue living the life you want.

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Grief Counseling in Santa Clarita.

The death of a loved one is arguably the most traumatic experience any of us can face. The goals of grief counseling are to help the individual move through the pain, find acceptance in the present, and redefine a future that still has hope and meaning. Contact a bereavement therapist in Santa Clarita, CA and begin steps towards healing. Recovery from loss through a grief counselor in Santa Clarita, CA means finding a way to move through the pain and work through it to find hope and meaning in life again.

If you have experienced the pain and trauma of loss, consider grief counseling in Santa Clarita and speak with a licensed therapist. A California grief and loss counselor has training and experience in helping people who have suffered loss to find strength and tools to make it through the grieving process, and help redefine a new future that still has joy and happiness.