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Cyndee Baldwin, MA, LMHC

Relational Psychotherapist / Counselor

1818 Westlake Ave N, Suite 419, Seattle, WA 98109

Have you ever just wanted someone to stop telling you all the "right" answers and just listen to you? Where in our life do we have one other person completely and uninterruptedly listening to us for an entire 50 minutes frequently and without judgment? As I listen to your story, I will help you to see into your own life and identify parts of yourself that may be a mystery. As those mysteries begin to make more sense, life begins to have a new depth of meaning, which affects everything. Psychotherapy changes things, it just does. I could explain it for days, but once you experience it... you'll understand!


Darchelle Worley, MA, LMHCA


3417 Fremont Ave N, Ste 314, Seattle, WA 98103

Through my experience as a psychotherapist, I have found that the relationship my client and and I form as I come to know him or her provides a sense of understanding, safety, comfort, and hope - which then importantly creates the emotional and mental space where invigorating exploration and discovery can produce growth leading to lasting change. Whether dealing with a defeating pattern such as anger or anxiety, building a sturdier sense of self, or working together to find and bring together the many parts of you and you life story, psychotherapy with a therapist who is a good fit for you is one of the most meaningful and fruitful endeavors you will ever engage in. There is nothing like it.


Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

James Hillman once said, "We've had a hundred years of psychotherapy and the world is getting worse." While there are many occasions where the validation and listening endemic to psychotherapy makes sense, there are times where we over assume that "feeling better" and "changing behavior" are the same. Grey Matters International, Inc. goes after the forgotten brain laws to behavior change that therapists miss when processing hours and hours of dialogues with people. Utilizing a cutting edge technology to facilitate the emotional process of change, we can make the therapy process way more effective, faster, and with less money spent. Contact or 877-606-6161.


Eric Borgh, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

2900 Eastlake Ave E Ste 220, Seattle, WA 98102

Therapy is honest, cathartic, truth-telling, relational work. It's facing your story. It's feeling things long pushed away and ignored. It's being heard. It's hearing your own voice. It's coming into relationship with yourself. Psychotherapy is a lot of different things and ultimately it's about the relationship and rhythm you find with your psychotherapist. I would love to meet to see if it is a good fit.


Marcie Klevens, MA, LMHCA


4649 Sunnyside Avenue N Suite 341 Seattle, Washington 98103, Seattle, WA 98103

Therapy is a way to create your own support system and carve out time in your week that is just for you. I will help you to identify feelings and thought patterns living in the unconscious that are keeping you from moving toward your potential and living a truly authentic life. Our symptoms are like arrows that point to the wound. I follow your symptoms and work with and identify the underlying issues. If given the time and support, the psyche will always move toward healing.


Anavadya Taylor, MSW

Individual, Relationship and Group Counselor

Within Driving Distance of Seattle, WA

My approach to Individual Counseling is really quite basic: We engage in honest and direct dialogue about life and relationships. During counseling sessions we examine the thoughts and feelings that create difficult circumstances and unsatisfying relationships. We begin to self-reflect. As our awareness deepens our worries and problems decrease and eventually dissolve completely. With greater focus and enthusiasm we channel our energy into realizing our heart's desires, allowing joyful experiences to naturally arise. A depth of meaning and satisfaction is seated within ourselves. We experience greater compassion and joy in all circumstances.


Mary Guay, LMFT, CPC

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Prof Coach

Within Driving Distance of Seattle, WA

Psychotherapy is a dynamic collaboration! As I partner with you in your counseling, I bring a caring and compassionate presence to our work together as you gain greater self awareness. I understand your full experience and support you so that you can look at your options and make healthy enlivening choices. Because I am there for you, you may find the courage to look at something you've been avoiding, you may discover more of who you are and all of the wonderful qualities you posess. Partnering with me means that you will benefit from my training, experience and insights and since you are an expert on yourself and your life, you will have the optimum environment for growth.


Sean Jackson, MA, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

1817 Queen Anne Ave N, #409, Seattle, WA 98109

Psychotherapy is the process of talking intentionally with a trained clinician who has trained and worked hard to help you think through whatever is troubling you in a different, more useful way. Often times we get focused on thinking and feeling about our personal issues in certain ways and no matter what we do, we can't break out of that rut. Psychotherapy will help you to know more about the problems you face and how to do something different to address them and solve them.


Michelle Barenchi, MA, LMFTA

Marriage and Family Therapist

4500 9th Ave NE, Suite 300, Seattle, WA 98105

At times, we all experience feelings that keep us from being our best selves. Whether you are having difficulty in relationships, stress at work, unable to motivate or just don't feel like you are on the right path, I can help. Psychotherapy is an avenue for change. Through collaborative, relationship-based psychotherapy, we can begin to understand what are your unique circumstances and what should be your unique path toward change.


Linda James, M.Ed.,MS

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

9415 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115

Understanding our past and its impact on our current life can be life changing. We carry our past with us. We carry our interpretation of our past and it repeats itself in our love relationships, friendships, family, and work success or failures. Being more in charge of the choices you make and the relationships you enter into will be the result of our sessions.

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