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Career Counselor

Anavadya Taylor, MSW

Individual, Relationship and Group Counselor

Bellevue/Kirkland, Washington

Our work together will help • remove obstacles that keep you from manifesting work that is meaningful • develop the enthusiasm to create opportunities • support following the heart's desire in work and career • encourage determined and positive intention and attention • motivate positive and productive action • discovery of deeper happiness and meaning in work, life and relatonships

Career Counselor

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

Seattle, Washington

While most career counselors love to give you capacity based profiles of what your talents and interests are for your best bet career choices, Grey Matters international believes that most people make predictably irrational decisions and then after making them learn way to make them fit into their identities using various types of rationalizations and strategies. We are able to assist folks in career counseling type settings by giving a deeper look at their decision making profile so they can better understand where the core frustration or desire is coming from in the world of work. Contact or 877-606-6161.

Career Counselor

Darchelle Worley, MA, LMHCA


3417 Fremont Ave N, Ste 314, Seattle, Washington

Nothing can keep a person more stuck and confused and frustrated than not being clear about what you want to do with your life, or finding yourself in a career that doesn't quite fit you, or where you have simply (and painfully) "burned out." I can help you sort through your current situation - to help you better understand what you truly want for yourself, help you let go of those things that are holding you back, and then work with you to find the courage you need to step into what is your natural "calling" - a practical yet profound place where you can experience joy in your work, peace in your soul, and a deep satisfaction that money cannot buy.

Career Counselor

Mary Guay, LMFT, CPC

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Prof Coach

18402 103rd Ave NE, Bothell, Washington

Life coaching can help you as you consider what direction you will take with your career. I will help you become more self aware so that you can get clear about what your values and strengths are and so that you can move in the direction of your best options for a career. Learn to assess and take action toward what is truly possible for your self-fulfillment. You have a contribution to make!

Career Counselor

Heather Abbott, MA, LMHCA

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate

23106 100th Ave W, Edmonds, Washington

If you feel lost in the woods - turning this way and that trying to find a path forward in your career - come see me. Let's look at your life story and help you sort through new options to create that forward momentum and change. Sometimes we realize our career choices no longer serve us and we need to reimagine our life and the way work can be fulfilling or hindering that vision.

Career Counselor

Philip Kolba, MA


Available for Online Therapy

Careers are integral to the identities of many people, while for others careers are simply means for attaining a happy life. Whether you’re developing your first career or looking to switch careers, I use a combination of assessment batteries and counseling to explore my clients’ goals, preferences, and aptitudes to identify their career path and develop a plan for achieving it.

Career Counselor

Eric Borgh, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

411 West Mercer St, Seattle, Washington

Whats next? Maybe you've worked in the same field for decades or are just getting started after college. How do you find work that is meaningful? In some ways its an age old question, in others the extent of that question has never been so broad in today's modern culture. I offer a helping hand in the journey towards meaningful and life giving work.

Career Counselor

John White, LICSW, CMHS

Mental Health Therapist

1417 NW 54th St, Suite 480, Seattle, Washington

Is your career not going as you hoped or had planned? Often we are not able to really see or understand how all the various aspects of our lives effect and affect each other. If you feel like you are not where you want to be in terms of your career despite your constant efforts, seeking out career counseling can help you gain a better understanding of why. With that knowledge you will be able to better know where you really want go, and how you are able to get there. If you are not performing as you think you should be, if you are not advancing as fast as you feel you should be, please don't hesitate to contact me to see if career counseling can be helpful to you in reaching your goals

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Seattle is located in King County, Washington. It has a land area of 83.83 square miles and a water area of 58.72 square miles.  The population of Seattle is 704,325 people with 296,633 households and a median annual income of $70,594. .

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