Tune Up Your Body Image - 02/08/2015

  • Presented By: City of Regina
  • Speaker / Facilitator: Beve Gardner
  • Topic Area:

  • Start Date: 02/08/2015
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Daily Schedule: 10:00AM - 12:00PM
  • Registration Deadline: Febuary 8

  • Location: Regina Fieldhouse - 1717 Elphinstone St Regina, Saskatchewan, S4N 3P2
  • Fee Info: $21 dollars
  • Open To: General Public

  • Contact Information: Info - 306-526-9985 Beve Gardner Registration - City of Regina 306-777-PLAY (7529)

Tune Up Your Body Image  
Feel better about yourself so that you can stay focused on the things that help you stay healthy and fit. Learn what body image is and how our image of ourselves is distorted by media and other influences. Discussions and exercises will challenge negative thinking patterns and how this affects image and self esteem. Learn about tools that can be used to improve your mental and physical health. Instructor: Beve Gardner is an experienced educator and counsellor with a Masters in Psychology.