Addiction Therapists in Siesta Key, FL.

Counseling for addiction and codependency in Siesta Key, FL. Help for alcohol and substance abuse, pornography, sex and internet addiction, gambling, and compulsive spending.

Addiction Counselor

Lisa Bissett, M.Ed., Ed.S.

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Within driving distance of Siesta Key

Whether you've recently decided to seek treatment, or your loved ones are insisting on it, you can be assured you won't encounter any judgment or blame here. If alcohol or drug abuse is causing you problems like declining job performance or joblessness, arrests, accidents, withdrawal symptoms, broken relationships, and associated medical and/or psychiatric illnesses, it may be time to consider treatment. If your problem drinking or using is causing marital discord, financial problems, depression or anxiety, you'd be wise to see me for a comprehensive Substance Abuse Evaluation. Together we can discuss your treatment options & get you started on your journey towards wellness & RECOVERY!

Addiction Counselor

Meg Berry, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Within driving distance of Siesta Key

Overcoming addiction is a unique struggle. I utilize several forms of therapy including Motivational Interviewing techniques and behavioral techniques to help people with this issue. Addiction recovery requires a holistic style. If one focusses only on the behavioral aspect or only on the support aspect, or only on any one or two aspects, it is not likely to have lasting results. Often people with addiction also have depression, anxiety or trauma related issues to work on. These need to be worked on simultaneously to addiction recovery.

Addiction Counselor

Kevin Fleming Ph.D.

Coach/Change Agent/Consultant

At Home or Private Discreet Intensives

While most treatment approaches to addiction include 12 step programs, rehabs, and now sober living houses, Grey Matters International, Inc. provides a wildly successful alternative to traditional models of addiction treatment----that keeps the brain in mind. That is, talking to the conscious brain while the primal brain is deciding things even before you are consciously aware? Well, that is the problem to solve in addiction. We have the solution utilizing a new cutting edge neuroscience-centered brain rebalancing system. Contact or call 877-606-6161.

Addiction Counselor

Tom Petit, Ph.D., LMHC, CCMHC, CAP

Licensed Mental Health Counselors / Board Certified Coaches

Within driving distance of Siesta Key

Addiction (alcohol, food, illegal/legal/prescription drug abuse, gambling, “cutting”, Internet/gaming, high risk trading, etc.) takes a tremendous toll on individuals, families, friends, employees & employers. How did this start…what keeps it going…why does relapse happen…how do I let go of the addicted person…am I enabling…I can’t afford to keep helping… how do I recover from the lost time…Questions abound. I provide outpatient therapy to assist clients in breaking the grip of addiction with individuals, couples, families, organizations & significant others by developing a game plan addressing roots, habit cues, cravings to replace with strengthened, productive life goals & patterns.

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Thank you for visiting our Florida page of therapists in Siesta Key who specialize in addictions in all forms- internet addiction, pornography and sex addictions, gambling, alcohol and drug abuse, shopping, and food addictions.  An addiction can destroy lives and relationships. Often times there is a codependent person somewhere in the sphere of an addict. Professional therapy from an addiction specialist in Siesta Key, FL is a vital part of recoverey and healing. We are ready to help, let's get started.

Siesta Key is located in Sarasota County, Florida. It has a land area of 2.36 square miles and a water area of 1.11 square miles.  The population of Siesta Key is 6,158 people with 2,983 households and a median annual income of $80,022. .

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Establishing weekly sessions with a professional therapist is considered affordable in Siesta Key for the average family. While sustaining a commitment to therapy is usually not an issue, if mental health treatment feels like a burden please ask your counselor about accepted insurance plans or sliding scale fees