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Lynette Fogg, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor
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Within Driving Distance of Meridian, ID

My goal is to help my clients back to the life they really enjoyed or working towards the life that have always wanted. I can be the person to lend support when it seems other support systems has fallen away. I'm here to listen and to help.

  • Some of My Specialties:
  • divorce
  • blending families
  • substance abuse
  • family conflict
  • relationship problems
  • parenting
  • depression
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Your family is sure to find lots to do in Meridian, Idaho. Within just a short drive of Boise and Nampa, you'll be able to enjoy all the amenities the larger cities provide, while still finding lots to do right in town. The whole gang can head over to the Western Ada Recreation District for a day of fun at Fuller Park or the Meridian Community Swimming Pool.1 Or, when the weather's not right for a picnic, treat your crew to a movie at Frontier Cinema. Your teenagers will attend Mountain View or Meridian High while younger children will attend schools such as Peregrine or Chaparral Elementary. After school or on weekends, fathers will have lots of fun taking the kids out bowling at Meridian Lanes. Or, if you love the great outdoors, spend lazy afternoon tubing on the Boise River. No matter how your family likes to entertain themselves, you'll find lots to like about Meridian.

Mental Health in Meridian

The diagnosis of Autism has become much more prevalent in recent years.2 Parents of an autistic child may feel as though they don't have the proper knowledge and skills to best help their child manage their symptoms. The Autism Society of Treasure Valley offers these parents and children the assistance they need. Each month, the society hosts meetings with local Autism experts who share their knowledge with parents and caregivers. Support groups provide emotional and social supports for parents who may feel as though they are alone. The organization also undertakes advocacy efforts to raise awareness about this mental health condition. For additional information about these services, call 208-336-5676.3

Individuals with a traumatic brain injury can face a multitude of challenges on their road to returning to a level of functioning that is as normal as possible. To support these individuals, the Brain Injury Alliance of Idaho offers educational programs, outreach efforts, and advocacy to ensure those impacted by brain injury have all the resources they need for their recovery. A lending library provides an abundance of resources and information for individuals and their caretakers. Support groups offer emotional encouragement when things look bleak. To find out more about this organization's programs, call 208-367-2747.4

Bullying is taken very seriously by the faculty and staff of Meridian schools. The district recognizes the severe mental health impacts that this kind of harassment has on many children, including those who bully others. To improve the climate of each school in Meridian, the district has imposed guidelines for student and teacher behavior in classrooms, hallways, and other school grounds, including busses and activities that occur off school property. By taking a stand against negative behaviors, the district helps create an inclusive environment in which all students feel accepted. Contact the district at 208-855-4500 for further details.5

Current Initiatives

The Idaho Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health takes part each year in the Children's Mental Health Day, which is a part of the Public Awareness and Support Strategic Initiative of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The purpose of the initiative is to raise awareness of common childhood mental disorders, improve access to quality care for children, and demonstrate how those with a mental illness can live normal lives and thrive in their communities. The theme of the Children's Mental Health Day changes from year to year, but the focus is always on improving the lives of kids by raising awareness of mental illness.6


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