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Regina Rogers, LCPC, NCC, BCC

Regina Rogers, LCPC, NCC, BCC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

75 Executive Drive, Suite 315B, Aurora, Illinois 60504 | (331) 444-2618

As we move through life we often encounter obstacles like boulders in a river. Our team of highly trained counselors specialize in helping people to identify and overcome roadblocks to create more purposeful behavior and satisfying relationships.

Dr. Jessica Swenson, PhD, LCPC, CCTP, SOTP, CMHIP

Dr. Jessica Swenson, PhD, LCPC, CCTP, SOTP, CMHIP


24W500 Maple AVE unit 216A, Naperville, Illinois 60540 | 6304236010

Feeling overwhelmed? Does the future seem hopeless? Don't suffer in silence - we can help! Our team of highly trained counselors specialize in helping people overcome their struggles to build a brighter future and put a smile back on your face!

Merrisa Dawn Santos, MA, LPC, NCC, CTMHP, CCTP

Merrisa Dawn Santos, MA, LPC, NCC, CTMHP, CCTP

Licensed Professional Counselor

Available for Online Therapy

As a compassionate and dedicated psychoanalytical therapist, my mission is to guide you through this transformative process with warmth and understanding.

Of Vineyards and Canopies Therapy Services, PLLC

Of Vineyards and Canopies Therapy Services, PLLC

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Available for Online Therapy

We strive to provide you with safety and comfort as you seek answers and resolutions in life. We sit with you in compassion and support, so that you can get the most out of your sessions. Let us join you on your journey to peace, recovery, and understanding.

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Aurora, Illinois is the state's second largest city, with its estimated population of just over 170,000. The city has an assortment of locales that showcase its long, diverse history. The Leland Tower was once known as the tallest building outside of Chicago and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Also on this register is the Paramount Theater, an enormous performance theater located in downtown Aurora. For a more interactive city experience, the Phillips Park Zoo is a family-friendly venture.1 The zoo resides within Phillips Park, which also contains Mastodon Lake, where mastodon remains were found. Living up to the city's name of the City of Lights, local organizations usually host an annual Festival of Lights around the holiday season.

Mental Health in Aurora

Triple Threat Mentoring is an Aurora non-profit agency dedicated to helping children overcome academic, psychological and financial barriers by developing their interests in the areas of sports, academics and the arts. Children work with adult mentors who share a passion for a particular activity to foster positive feelings, facilitate the development of relationships, and empower youth to overcome whatever obstacles they may be presented with in life. To find out more about this program, call 630-570-9506.2

Addressing one's social, emotional and mental health needs can be made more difficult by not having enough food to eat.3 The Aurora Area Interfaith Food Pantry seeks to end hunger in Aurora and help residents get the nutrition they need to improve their wellbeing. Providing for an individual's dietary needs allows them to have the energy they require to go to work, raise a family, and meet their financial obligations. To find out how to take part in their programs, or to inquire about volunteer opportunities, call 630-897-2127.4

Current Education

Education is vitally important for children to grow and develop into healthy, happy adults who contribute positively to their community. The Aurora Early Learning Center's healthy lifestyles curriculum instills in each student the daily routines and activities needed for optimal physical and mental health. From nutrition to social skills to academic knowledge, children receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for entrance into elementary school. Call 630-256-7700 for additional details.5

Communities in Schools focuses on providing school-based resources to help keep children in school and off the streets. Their programs have an academic focus, yet the social and emotional health of students is also a top priority. Drug abuse prevention programs, at-risk behavior interventions, and mental health support programs are also provided. For further information about these services, call 630-256-4500.6


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Aurora is a city that is located in multiple counties- Kendall County and Kane County and Will County and DuPage County in Illinois. It has a land area of 44.89 square miles and a water area of 0.87 square miles.  The population of Aurora is 200,661 people with 61,449 households and a median annual income of $63,090. .

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Therapists in Aurora are often within budget with some potential challenges for longer term commitments. Your mental health and well being are a top priority. If accessibility is a concern, ask your counselor about sliding scale fees or inquire about accepted insurance plans. Low cost counseling and affordable therapy are also sometimes offered by listed city and university level clinics, check with your local Aurora public health department.