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Couples Counselor

Carolyn Harkin-Brinton, MSW


350 E. New York St., Suite #240, Indianapolis, Indiana

I provide intimate partner relationship counseling for partners, couples, and spouses to manage conflict, improve communication skills, and re-ignite your friendship. I provide a safe space to explore your relationship patterns, address relationship hurts & infidelity, and learn a new way of being together. Through our work, you will build the relationship that you want.

Couples Counselor

Cassandra Erickson, Ph.D., LMFT

Marriage & Family Therapist

2020 W. 86th St., Ste. 100, Indianapolis, Indiana

Couples Counseling or Marital Therapy may include diagnosis, assessment and treatment, using a variety of therapeutic techniques and processes. A Marriage Therapist should also be effective in helping treat individual emotional and behavioral problems as well as relationship issues. A Marital Therapist will focus on understanding her clients’ symptoms and the patterns of interaction with family and friends that may contribute to the problem. The Therapist will often ask questions about roles, dynamics, rules, goals, beliefs, and stages of development. About 65% of clients complete therapy in 15-20 sessions. Don't hesitate to seek help or call!

Couples Counselor

Teresa M Walters, MA, LMFT, LAC, BCPCC

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Addiction Counselor

429 E. Vermont St., Suite 208 , Indianapolis, Indiana

What do you do when it just isn't working anymore? Who do you turn to when you and your partner just can't seem to talk without it ending up in an argument? When couples begin to feel disconnected, finding the road back to connection and intimacy can feel impossible. Assessing the unique needs of a Couplehood and helping each partner develop a more complete and satisfying sense of Self are only two of the ways we help couples find the path that leads to a more fully developed and secure relationship. Finding relational wholeness doesn't have to be something other couples enjoy. Call us today to begin exploring your path to a Connected Couplehood.

Couples Counselor

Nancy Eisenman, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

9640 Commerce Drive, Suite 413, Carmel, Indiana

Relationships are exceedingly painful yet brilliant teachers and healers. Have you ever wondered why you picked who you did to have a relationship? Did they change from the person you thought they were? Do you ever wonder why we bother with relationships? I can show you the reasons why you chose each other, why you hurt each other, the way to help you move from where you are, and even the point of it all. Whether you are looking for pre-marital, same-sex, post-divorce or other couples counseling, I can give you insight into your relationship and help you work together.

Couples Counselor

Kimberly Metro, MA, NCC, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

217 E. Main Street Suite 3, Browsburg , Indiana

There are usually two types of couples I see in my practice, either they are fighting frequently or feel that they no longer have an emotional connection, that they "feel more like roommates." If they are fighting a lot, I work with them on conflict resolution and how to fight fairly. For those couples who have lost that emotional connection, we work on what each partner feels is necessary in order to feel emotionally close to their partner again. There is hope for your relationship if each partner is committed to making changes and taking responsibility.

Couples Counselor

Kristen Swart, MSW, LSW

Licensed Social Worker

9640 Commerce Drive, Ste 413, Carmel, Indiana

Couples can expect to work individually, with each other outside of therapy, and with me in therapy. Working with your significant other can push you even further than individual therapy because you can support each other, and you can, unfortunately, hurt each other the most. I will help you to understand each other because while you may both be speaking English, you may attach different meanings to what you say and hear. Couples know the deepest secretes about each other, and so can wound us in the ways we were wounded in the past. When I work with couples, I help them to see these areas and help them work together to become the best versions of themselves individually and as a couple.

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