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  • Childhood Abuse Survivors
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With a location near St. Paul and Minneapolis, Woodbury residents can enjoy all the amenities of the big city while living in a smaller, tight-knit community. Sports fans can enjoy the Twin Cities' professional sports teams, including the Minnesota Twins, the Minnesota Vikings, and the Minnesota Wild. Residents in Woodbury also enjoy the city's Bielenberg Sports Center, where families can participate in indoor and outdoor sports. On hot days kids can cool off in the new Splash Pad, or head over to the adjacent playground.1 Families will also have loads of fun at the annual Woodbury days, which features all kinds of food, games, and workshops. The event ends with a parade downtown for all the city's residents to enjoy. Woodbury is a great place for families to live, work, and play!

Mental Health in Woodbury

Open Door Anxiety and Panic Groups are offered throughout the Twin Cities area by the National Alliance on Mental Illness. These groups offer peer support for individuals who suffer from an anxiety disorder. Group participants learn how to change their self-talk from anxiety-confirming language to thoughts and feelings that promote improved self-esteem and reduced nervousness. Groups meet twice monthly and are free to join. Call 612-229-1863 for more information.2

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development understands that being unemployed or underemployed presents many challenges for people, including stress, anxiety, and other mental health-related issues. To help workers get back on their feet, the department offers a number of services including assistance with job searches and career planning, skills assessments and evaluations, and workshops to learn effective interview strategies. These programs help restore workers' financial security, as well as their self-confidence and feelings of self-worth. To learn more about these services, call 651-259-7114.3

A center for multicultural integration for area students, the East Metro Integration District provides students of all racial and ethnic backgrounds with a quality education rooted in the ideals of celebrating diversity. Students not only focus on academic growth, but personal growth as well. Improved communication, respect for others, and empathy are just a few of the many traits that school programs seek to enhance. By helping students celebrate differences among them, the district fosters a community that builds one another up rather than tears each other down. Contact the East Metro Integration District at 651-379-2679 for additional details.4

Current Initiatives

The Mental Health Association of Minnesota's outreach programs focus on informing the public of the common mental health issues that Minnesotans face each day. These outreach efforts also seek to improve the public's understanding of the resources available to people who experience poor mental health, as well as increase access to quality services in Woodbury and other communities in the state. By making these resources known, the organization helps reduce the impact that mental health issues have on individuals and families. To obtain further information, call 651-493-6634.5


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