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Although it is a city of just over 11,200 people, Festus, MO boasts three private schools in addition to its public schools. If they prefer, families can enroll their children in the Twin City Christian Academy (K-12), Our Lady Catholic School (K-8), or St. Pius X High School. Teenagers and young adults may recognize Festus as the home of the Bottle Rockets, a rock band popular in the late 1990s. For entertainment, the B & B Festus 8 Cinema offers current movies for children, teenagers and adults alike. The city's many parks offer a variety of recreational facilities where children and teenagers can go to play, participate in group sports or just hang out. Among these is West City Park. This 178-acre park includes a three-acre lake, a modern ball field complex, a 1.5 mile bicycle/walking trail and a 16-hole disc golf course.1 On the eastern edge of the city, South Adams St. Park has a children's playground and small playing fields for soccer and other activities. Most of the city's parks also have pavilions and picnic areas for family gatherings.

Marriage and Family Mental Health in Festus

Women who are unsure if they want to keep their unborn baby or give it up for adoption can receive guidance and support services at Jefferson County Pregnancy Care Centers. The center offers information about fetal development, the birthing process, and local adoption agencies. Also offered are parenting classes, so women who decide to keep their baby are prepared to be an effective parent. Support programs help anxious women gain access to care that builds confidence and reduces stress. For additional details, call 636-285-4116.2

Understanding the mental health resources that are available to children with a serious mental disorder can be a challenge for mothers and fathers. To help local parents advocate on behalf of their children, Family Resource Center offers the Parent Partners program. Staff members who have themselves raised a child with a serious mental health issue assist moms and dads in identifying and obtaining services for which their child qualifies. Various programs are available, including parenting support, advocacy services, child development, and social skills trainings. Call the Family Resource Center at 314-534-9350 for more information.3

The Quad Cities Senior Center is an excellent resource for older adults and their families. The center provides a variety of programs that foster the development of healthy living practices for the elderly. Nutritious meals and exercise classes help meet older adults' physical needs. Social gatherings and recreational programs give seniors time to enjoy one another's company and develop relationships. Educational programs on common health and mental health concerns, such as eyesight and hearing issues, grief, and Alzheimer's disease are offered as well. Inquiries about these programs can be directed to 636-207-1323.4

Family Services and Assistance Programs

The Missouri Department of Social Services provides comprehensive programs to families in need of aid. Emergency funding is available for families who cannot pay for rent, utilities, food, and other necessities on their own. Families impacted by domestic violence are able to receive assistance in finding safe shelter. The Family Services Division offers access to medical and mental health treatments for low-income families who may not otherwise have access to or be able to afford services. For further details about these and other programs available to parents, please call the ParentLink Warmline at 1-800-552-8522.5


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