Depression Counselling in Fredericton, NB.

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Depression Counsellor

Rochelle Ward, MA

Licensed Counsellor

281 Restigouche Rd Suite 6, Oromocto, New Brunswick

Depression can be immobilizing. It is a dark cloud that follows you and keeps you from enjoying your life. There are many different approaches to helping fight depression, finding a the right one to fit your personality and lifestyle is key. It is possible to be rid of that dark cloud and enjoy your life again. Counseling can help motivate you and get through this tough time in your life.

Depression Counsellor

Haven For Hope Counselling Centre, Fredericton

Donna Phillips, RSW

347 Main Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Depression is so debilitating. It can be triggered by stress, but often it unresolved issues lurking beneath the surface. Anger and fear are almost always at the root. I can help you identify these underlying sources of depression so that you can choose abundant life. Much of my work with you will be looking at family of origin and significant relationships that may have short changed your "love tank". I look forward to hearing from you!

Depression Counsellor

Michael Hennessey, B.B.A., M.Ed., C.C.C.

Canadian Certified Counsellor (C.C.C.)

440 York St., Unit 8, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Agape Counselling understands that the busyness and stresses of life can leave us feeling wrung out and depressed. Sometimes it is difficult to feel any emotion at all. Everyone goes through these seasons of life, and Agape Counselling can help you through as well. Practicing mindfulness, self-care, and giving of yourself to benefit others will often help us find purpose, meaning, and renewed passion for life. Agape Counselling can work with you to help you in this area.

Depression Counsellor

Sally Holland, M.A., (C) OACCPP

Certified Counsellor and Life Coach

SCENT FREE Office. Hours: 9-5 Mon-Fri. Convenient UPTOWN Location with FREE Parking, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Reactive depression is a normal response to such life circumstances as: Loss, Trauma, Isolation, Moral Failure and Transitions. If you feel “stuck” in depression, I invite you to work with me. I offer self-care principles to help bring light into your “dark night of the soul”. Together we can look at unfinished grief, assertiveness training, setting healthy boundaries and replacing negative distorted thoughts with possibilities thinking. There is Hope. Only Believe.

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Fredericton is located in New Brunswick, Canada. It has a land area of 132.57 square kilometers.  The population of Fredericton is 58,220 people with 25,957 households . The population ranking for Fredericton is #92 nationally and #3 for the province of New Brunswick with a density of 439.20 people per sq km. Fredericton therapists serve postal code: E3B.