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Couples Counselor

Vivian Good, LPC, MA, MS, ACS

Licensed Professional Counselor, Accredited Clinical Supervisor

175 Strafford Road, Suite 360, Wayne, Pennsylvania

As a couples counselor I am on the side of the relationship. While I may spend some time focusing on one partner or the other in order to understand relational dynamics, my primary goal is to help the relationship. Each relationship is unique. Some issues that affect couples include trust building, healthy boundaries, open communication, individual and relational growth, transitional life stages, financial issues, decision making. We will identify the strengths and weakness of your specific relationship, explore what makes a successful relationship and suggest ways to improve your relationship.

Couples Counselor

Cheryl Sparks, PhD, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

175 Strafford Avenue, Suite 360, Wayne, Pennsylvania

We are meant to form connections that are safe and close and loving, but most couples at some time or another find themselves stuck in a repetitive pattern of interacting which leaves each person feeling hurt and alone. Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples, the most well-researched approach to couple therapy, is a powerful tool that will help get to the heart of the problem and to find your way back to that experience of loving connection. Interrupting that downward spiral feels like hard work for most couples, but beginning to move to a new, warm, close place, is immensely rewarding, even for those who have previously been distressed or shut down. I have great hope for couples!

Couples Counselor

Lee Bowers, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

210 Tower Road, Villanova, Pennsylvania

I always prefer to see couples BEFORE they get married, because so many problems can be avoided by getting started out on the right foot. By learning good communication and problem solving skills before marriage, you can move on to that next step with confidence and skill. I also work with couples for whom marriage is not the goal, who are gay or lesbian, or couples who simply have reached an impasse on an issue and are looking for an objective third party.

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Wayne is located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.  The population of Wayne is 40,000 people with 12,754 households and a median annual income of $118,000. .

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