Why Join Theravive?

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If your city is not currently listed, it will be created for you upon signup.

*We currently are receiving client contacts in numerous cities where we do not yet have therapists.

If you are a counsellor and your city is either not on our site or does not have a therapist listed, you have a significant benefit by being the only counselor listed in a given location. Premium members are always listed at the top on a first come first serve basis. As long as you are a premium member, you cannot get bumped down, regardless of alphabetical order. This means being the first therapist listed in a particular location has a strategic long-term advantage.

To maintain excellent service, we limit the amount of therapists listed in each location.
Our goal is to maximize client contacts for our therapists. By limiting the number of new sign-ups in each city, we ensure therapists who are listed will receive the most clients.

A Great Value

Subscription rates are very low for the advertising power we offer, a full basic membership is just $10 a month.

Just gaining one new client pays for a yearly membership.

If you have a website, you can save up to 100% on membership by linking to us.

Two Memberships to Choose From:  Basic and Premium

Basic:  Get all the benefits of Theravive listed above. 

Premium:  Be listed at the top of your city, regardless of alphabetical order.  As long as you are member, you cannot be bumped down.   Premium members are always displayed first, before Basic members.   So sign up soon before someone else gets in front of you. 

Therapists: Current Pricing And Sign Up

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If you have any questions, please e-mail contact@theravive.com or call us at 604-626-1329 (Canada), or 360-350-8627 (United States)

A Note About the Spelling On Our Site:

Some may have noticed the words "counselor, counsellor, counseling, counselling" on our site. These are not spelling errors. Theravive reaches both Canada and the United States. In Canada, the proper spelling is to use two "l's" for counsellor and counselling. In the United States, counseling and counselor are properly spelled with one "l". We have taken the liberty to freely intermingle these spelling variations so that clients in both countries will easily find us when they search for help on major search engines.

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