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We are so sure of our service, we guarantee all members at least one paying client with local listings or you can stay on our site free until you do.

A single new client can easily cover the entire cost of a membership.

As a member, we are guaranteeing at least one paid client as a result of a listing on our site. (If you have questions regarding the ethics of this guarantee, please scroll to the bottom.)  Please note:  this guarantee does not cover our online Reserve Listing, and is only applicable for therapists who purchase one or more individual city listings.  People from all cultures and all walks of life have experienced healing and change as a result of therapy from a Theravive counselor. Clients know the quality of therapy they will be receiving at Theravive, and in this we are confident that therapists listed with us will draw clients. Gaining a single paying client (assuming the client sees you for more than a single session) will completely reimburse a membership with us...and if the client is typical, with several sessions, greatly exceed it. The worst thing for us is having a therapist who does not gain clients on our site. We do not want anyone paying for a service that has no value to them so any member who does not gain at least one paying client through our site, for every city purchased, at the end of their one year membership, will get to remain on our site for free until they do get a paid client. This way, the risk you took in becoming a member with us is greatly minimized. We mean it when we say we are committed to bringing you good client referrals.

A guarantee like this is unique in this field. Other directories cost more per year for a listing, and have no such guarantee that compares to ours. You will continue to pay them whether or not you get any clients at all. Do you know a therapist directory with a 'client guarantee?' Read their fine print. Then compare with ours. With Theravive, there is no extra enrollment to qualify, everyone is covered automatically, your free time comes in 6 month blocks, not 30 days, or 60 days, and we do not choose who qualifies for our guarantee...you do...by virtue of signing up with us, you are covered. If you know of any other referral source that has such a liberal guarantee as Theravive, please let us know, because we know of no one. Give us a try, let us work for you and let's build your practice.

If you have already received at least one paying client for each city you purchased with us, then congratulations!  We are very pleased that you are finding success with us, and you can simply disregard this guarantee.  If you have not yet received paying clients, then this guarantee applies to you.

Here is how it works.  At the end of your first year as a member, if you do not yet have at least one paying client, you will get 6 months of free time on your account.  At the end of that 6 month period, if you still do not yet have a paying client, an additional 6 months of free time is added to your account pending our review, no membership renewal fees are owed at all.  The review part means that Theravive may recommend some profile changes- in case the lack of referrals is not marketing related, but presentation related. We have been doing this a long time, and we know the kind of profiles that generate clients. Helping you develop one is our goal. At the end of 2 years on our site, if you still do not yet have a paid client, Theravive will discuss with you how to best serve you, and together we will reach a decision whether or not we are a good fit for you, which often includes an additional free year. If your profile views are low, we may move you into a different location and make changes to your profile's presentation. Our sincerest hope is that all therapists on our site actually get clients.   By giving you this guarantee, we are greatly reducing your risk of investing your advertising dollars with us.   For us it comes down to one simple truth-  if our therapists are gaining clients with us, they are happy and we are happy.  It does not benefit us at all when therapists do not gain clients from our site.

If you purchased multiple cities with us, then our guarantee applies for one paying client per city purchased.  So for example, if you bought a listing in 3 cities, and you gained only 2 clients from us, when your renewal fees come due, you will only be obligated to pay for 2 cities.  The third city will be free for you until you get that third client. Please note, this is total clients, and total cities. So if you had a listing in 3 cities, and gained 3 clients, but all three of those clients came from the same city, the guarantee would not apply.   

For multi city packages:
VIP Memberships have 4 client guarantees. If you receive less than 4 paying clients, you are discounted 25% off your membership renewal for the difference (i.e. if you received only 2 clients, you would be discounted 50%) Enhanced Memberships have 2 client guarantees. If you received only 1 paying client, then you would receive a 50% discount off your renewal membership.

Guarantees are only in effect after 1 year of membership time has elasped.

To qualify for this guarantee you must be a paid member, have not had free time with us already in the past, and have a full profile, with a complete bio ( total minimum of 400 words), specializations, and at least five marketing tools completed, within 30 days of being activated.  If you need help on completing your profile to ensure you qualify, we are here to help you. Sadly, some therapists on our site have empty profiles!  Despite reminders, some therapists unfortunately simply choose to leave their profiles blank.  In this case, the guarantee will not apply, as there is no reason to think a therapist with an empty profile will receive very many clients, if at all.  This is why your profile must be completed within 30 days of your account activation (which, actually, is a lot of time for something that takes only 1-2 hours of time). So waiting until the last month of the year to finally make a profile will void this guarantee.
Honor System
We believe in the old way of doing business that takes someone's word at face value.  Do you remember this time?  Well despite the age of lawyers and contracts, we still value the honor system.   We believe, very strongly, in your integrity, honor and character...we believe that for all of our therapists.  We have no way of ever proving whether or not you received a paying client from us....we will just take your word for it.  If you tell us, at the end of your year, that you did not gain a client through us, then we will simply believe you.
A common complaint we receive from therapists is that they believe at first glance that having a client guarantee is unethical, in that there is a "tit-for-tat" exchange of money for a client. This is completely untrue with us. We guarantee our ability to advertise and in no way shape or form do we give referrals for any payment ever. Our guarantee should be read in the following manner:
1. We are an advertising agency, much like the Yellow Pages, except we advertise on the internet.
2. Therapists pay to advertise for one primary reason- they want to gain clients.
3. If you pay someone (whether the Yellow Pages, Psychology Today, Us, or someone else) to advertise you, and after a whole year, you did not even gain a client, what value did it have? None.
4. When its time to renew your membership, if you tell us "I did not even gain a client with my listing", then we will let you stay on for FREE!

That is our guarantee...its not a tit for tat, it is not a client in exchange for money (which never happens), it is simply your satisfaction of us as your advertiser. We want you to be happy with our advertising services as being effective for you. Its that simple. Would Psychology Today or Goodtherapy give you a free year if you were not happy with their services? Last we checked, the answer is no. But that's just not us.

If you have any questions please let us know.

The Theravive Staff
604-626-1329 (Canada)
360-350-8627 (United States)

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