If anxiety is keeping you from feeling at ease with yourself it can be extremely inconvenient in most situations. As a behavioral condition that affects more than 40 million Americans, you are not alone. Although your anxiety can range anywhere from mild to severe there are ways way to eliminate the response and begin feeling more in control of your conscious reaction.

Anxiety is one of the most common behavioral conditions to treat in therapy because of the various factors that contribute to it. This nervous energy is coming from your own consciousness and not a factor within your environment. While some people have Social Anxiety and others Generalized Anxiety Disorder, it is still a suffocating and a repetitive response. The severity of anxiety ranges from mild to severe and has the potential to result in a panic attack. If you are currently dealing with the condition and are tired of it affecting your relationships or comfort level, know that there are many people who have overcome the response. By learning how to control your mind and body you can find relief from anxious physiological patterns.

When Anxiety Becomes Unhealthy

Anxiety can become unhealthy when it keeps you from participating in new things. If it is a social anxiety you may suffer from a lack of relationships or a sense of belonging. It is very necessary to be around people and form new relationships for the purpose of growing as an individual. When anxiety is keeping you from friends or intimacy it creates further isolation. Anxiety is a lonely feeling that may prevent you from expressing yourself because of an innate fear. Ultimately, it becomes a negative thing when it is a constant reaction and a response that makes decisions for you. You may be afraid of what other people think of you and feel as if everyone's judging you for one reason or another. There's a lot of insecurity and discomfort associated with this response which can cause extreme frustration.

Anxiety is common in intimidating situations such as when you're speaking to your boss or giving a speech in front of a room full of people. If it takes form in every confrontational situation it's likely that it can prevent you from finding new opportunity. When you learn that you are in control of your body and use strategies that prevent the reaction you'll be able to calm down instead of worrying about your effect on others.

Anxiety and External Relationships

Social anxiety is a problem toward external relationships because it prevents you from engaging in self expression. With an innate fear you may not have the ability to form new relationships. If you're afraid of the hurt and judgment associated with others this could be causing the root of your anxiety. Relationships are essential in feeling happy and satisfied with who you are. Without a sense of belonging you may experience more damaging emotions such as depression and then question your identity. You might feel as if you don't serve a purpose because you've yet to engage in beneficial social interactions. Without a sense of belonging it will cause a worsened anxiety. When you learn how to get rid of this overwhelming feeling and relax around other people, you then have the capacity to create relationships.

How Therapy Helps

The strategies that are learned during counseling teach you how to take control of your mind and body. The process starts with you becoming aware of tense areas, shortness of breath and what might be causing this fear. When you can locate the areas of your body that feel tense and begin to focus on calming them down, other physiological symptoms will begin to resolve as well. Focus on your breathing. Make sure that you are breathing in through your mouth and out through your nose. If the body is not getting enough oxygen it can cause panic symptoms such as sweating or flushed skin. Counseling elaborates on meditation tools such as these and when you learn how to use them they are effective in any situation. If there is a deeper issue related to fear and confrontation the counselor helps you uncover them so that you can clear up internal issues acting as a burden within your life. It's important to know that what you eat and drink can also create physiological symptoms. Caffeine and sugar cause anxiety because of the way that it changes your blood sugar. With this energy and a lack of physical activity it will contribute to nervousness as well. Take comfort in knowing that the majority of people suffer from the same anxiety conditions and have learned how to cope with them by taking control. When counseling has taught you techniques and you've adopted a meditation pattern you will begin to enjoy life and form relationships with people who make you feel good about who you are and what you have to offer as an individual.

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