Batterer Intervention

Batterer Intervention


If you have recently been abused or have done the abusing in a conflict with your partner and it has caused you or your spouse to attend Batterer Intervention, you might have some questions toward the program. This system is designed to eliminate controlling and abusive behavior. A relationship lasting after such a traumatic event is a personal decision that might require extra counseling for both partners.

Batterer Intervention Programs treat men and women who abuse their spouse or partner. Whether this is in a verbal, mental, physical or sexual manner it is an intervention program that people seek to eliminate violent behavior. If you are attending BIPs you might feel a range of emotions such as embarrassment, hope and anger. Because it is aimed toward the abusive partner and their decisions, victims are kept completely safe. This is used for first time offenders as an alternative toward jail. Before the offender is accepted into this intervention the program conducts evaluations to make sure that you are a fitting candidate. If you're unsure as to how you should feel about this 26 week program, understand that it's built to eliminate you or your spouse's desire toward having a violent control over the relationship.

Challenges Faced by Batterer Intervention

Whether or not this intervention works varies depending on underlying conditions and mental health issues. If you are the partner attending the intervention you might feel unsure about the program. The methods implemented are used throughout the system to create awareness toward abuse. You may face difficulty when confronting your issue, especially if you feel as if there isn't a problem at all. If you are the victim you may question as to whether or not you can even remain in the relationship. This is more than an anger management intervention although it doesn't offer individual counseling. The facilitators in the program act as teachers and present information to the men and women. The criterion is based on abuse and the need to change present behavior. Getting over an abusive incident is one of the most difficult things to do in a relationship because it eliminates trust and creates trauma on one end of the relationship.

Batterer Intervention and External Relationships

If you are the participant you may feel some emotion toward your current relationship. Although you are aware of your need to eliminate the behavior you may also feel embarrassed, especially if this is the first time any violence has occurred between you and your partner. Some may or may not support you throughout this period although it is an opportunity for you to change your relationship intentions. If you do experience difficulty in relationships with your family and friends it's normal. Many people may also appreciate your effort toward change and self improvement. Before you go into relationships at all it is required that you complete the program and eliminate your need for control toward others.

As the partner of the offender going into Batterer Intervention you are feeling the most hurt. Although you want to trust your partner and believe that they will change, you also want to avoid the violent situation again due to the trauma associated with it. This is a personal decision and one that you must ultimately make on your own. Do know that the intervention is effective in changing those who want to improve who they are for the purpose of maintaining healthy relationships. Many realize that their respect is needed for the sake of their family, future and children.

How Therapy Works

Intervention teaches participants about non violence and how they may use intimidation to get what they want within a relationship. Going into the program you will learn about respect and why you may not have any toward your partner. By learning more about emotional and physical abuse you can see how the pain has affected another person and how it damages a relationship permanently. The issue of trust is spoken of often and by learning about the mechanisms you use to take control of the relationship, you'll realize that ultimately there is a lack of support and selflessness. You can benefit from attending this intervention and obtaining information on fairness, partnership, privileges in men, children and sexual respect. This knowledge will provide you with the clarity you need in knowing how unacceptable your intentions are toward other people. Whether or not you do need individual therapy for a deeper issue is a decision to be made after the intervention program. The victim of the spouse attending the intervention will benefit from counseling heavily after such an incident. Being taken advantage of in any way can cause trauma, especially when it is a response from someone who you once trusted fully.

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