Body Image

Body Image


If you feel tormented and upset about your body image to the point that worries are consuming you, you're likely dealing with a form of Body Image Issues. If you can't focus on anything else but your imperfections anymore you may also be doing a lot of damage to your self esteem and relationships. You can learn how to overcome this painful self image that you have and start breaking free of the mental chains that keep you from feeling confident in who you are.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder or BDD is defined as a condition that consists of obsessions increasing your awareness toward bodily flaws. The way that you feel about your appearance is known as your 'body image.' While there are many who have dissatisfaction toward how they look, it isn't healthy to think about minor imperfections all the time. If you continue to get upset over perceived flaws it can tear you up inside and take you away from living a balanced life. By learning how to overcome these issues you can gain back your confidence and start feeling satisfied once again.

How Body Image Issues Can Harm Us

Obsessing over your physical appearance can cause some mental and emotional problems. You might feel depressed or inadequate if it seems like everyone else is also aware of your flaws. It's likely becoming your only focus and preventing you from wanting to go out and socialize with friends. Depending on what you see as wrong with your body, you might even experience some eating disorders. Feeling uncomfortable around other people because of the flaws you assume that you have can make you feel confined and isolated. This is also known as 'imagined ugliness' because the flaws that you see are completely unseen toward other people. If you have Body Image concerns it can feel all too real and distort a healthy pattern of thinking. It may feel impossible to break this pattern of irrational and damaging thoughts and if it's hurting you to be preoccupied with them, don't prevent yourself from getting help. Counseling will eliminate this delusion and help you feel confident about yourself again. You're not alone during this stage of your life. Many people have battled BDD and have overcome the obsessive thoughts associated with the condition. By simply changing the way that you are looking at things you'll be able to rid this perceived image and love everything that you are.

How Body Image Issues Affects Other Relationships

The thoughts that come with BDD are intruding and almost impossible to ignore. The body image issues that you possess can affect family and friends who aren't sure as to what's actually going on with you. If you take more time away from other people to focus on your appearance it can take a heavy toll on personal relationships as well. At school the obsession can steer you away from learning. These thoughts might get in the way of your grades and class attendance. If you start to avoid places your friends might feel confused that you're isolating yourself and presume that your absence is for a different reason. There are some people who even end up isolating themselves within their home and avoid having relationships altogether. This form of BDD is damaging and it's important to treat the disorder before it develops into a severe obsession.

How Therapy Can Help

Seeking Cognitive Behavior Therapy is an approach that's going to help you get rid of these disturbances. You will learn how to assess your image and keep a diary about how you're feeling. You will expose these concerns to a therapist who is going to analyze these feelings in an unbiased manner and help you see how you see yourself in comparison to other people. The therapist will assist you in getting rid of these thoughts by using strategies that take you away from obsessing. You will soon realize that you can break this habit of thinking and start living a balanced life again. When you open up to a trusted therapist who can help you reverse this thinking along with insecurities you will also find relief. By increasing awareness with a counselor you'll start thinking rationally again and regain some relationships you might have lost along the way. You're not alone as you're battling this disorder. A lot of people have developed BDD and have learned how to get rid of their obsessive thoughts before it took over their lives. You can overcome this condition with the help of a professional therapist and overcome the pain associated with obsessive thoughts and worrying. By attending therapy you will soon be able to open up again and live the gratifying life that you deserve with people who care a lot about your happiness and peace of mind.

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