When emptiness is a chronic feeling it has the power to make you feel incomplete and lead you to an insecure sense of self. Feeling as if your existence doesn't have purpose outside of a physical sensation is a heartbreaking emotion that no one should have to go through alone. Do you find yourself acting out desperately for relationships or feel terrified that you'll be abandoned by someone you truly care for? Therapy helps you eliminate this feeling so that you can find fulfillment in your own accomplishments instead of social reassurance.

Emptiness might push you toward people who appear to fit your ideal needs, although those decisions end up leaving you extremely disappointed. Attitudes and fantasies in regards to relationships might be a repetitive want in order to feel an internal void. There may have been an unrequited love in your past that you believe will reappear again with a different person. Anger and shame can be associated with these bonds and painful memories are often triggered. Most people that experience this emptiness have a difficult time accepting that they are truly disappointed. Being able to share this feeling with loved ones and with a trained therapist can help you process them so that they no longer take the form of unhealthy behavior. With inner healing you will be able to find an external calmness that supports what you truly deserve as a purposeful individual.

How Emptiness Harms Someone

Feeling empty can lead to impulsive behavior. You may be more inclined to react violently or sabotage others in an attempt to draw attention to yourself. For some this emptiness leans toward complete social avoidance, panic and self-harm. It becomes detrimental when you want to feel something but cannot unless you are receiving confirmation from other people. This innate fear of being alone creates dangerous behavior on your part and may lead to some staying in an unhealthy relationship. Feeling isolated and void is a tormenting feeling. If you don't know how to heal your emotions in a constructive manner it has the power to put you in a circumstance in which you feel even more alone and more prone to dangerous behavior. If you are dealing with a chronic emptiness and need for assistance, therapy will benefit you in providing you with the tools that you need to begin the healing process. You can feel renewed from emotions that are dragging you down. Once you learn how to face this despair and blankness, you will then be more capable of defeating the void and feel empowered as an individual.

How Emptiness Affects External Relationships

Emptiness can cause you to either cling or disengage from relationships completely. If an unhealthy relationship is present it can be dangerous as the person with feelings of emptiness can't always find the courage to leave or find someone who is more fitting toward their actual preferences. It might cause some to disengage completely and fake satisfaction for the sole purpose of having someone in their presence. If the behavior is violent in order to gain attention, it can be hurtful and prevent people from wanting to form or maintain a bond at all. Violence for self satisfaction is dangerous as it increases isolation and promotes empty feelings. Staying in a relationship out the fear of abandonment will cause you to stay for unhealthy reasons. If there is abuse or violent tendencies and you cannot leave, it will hurt you more rather than help you with these intense emotions.

How Therapy Can Help

It's the job of the therapist to provide you with powerful strategies so that you can learn how to feel whole again. You'll gain confidence in learning how to overcome emptiness without replacement relationships or acting out in self fulfillment. The counselor will help recognize the cause and assist you in facing any pain associated with past losses. By the time treatment has finished you'll have benefitted from becoming aware of your need for fulfillment and why it is present. You'll learn more about what you haven't overcome from the past, why you haven't and how it is shaping your current decision making. Emptiness is a feeling that can be difficult to eliminate as many people don't know what the root cause of it is. They might reach out to many different places and things to try and fix this feeling when in actuality it's a state of being that must heal internally. By facing this you'll eliminate aggression and attachments toward people who don't contribute toward your personal improvements. You'll figure out how to shift attention from an addictive feeling and reveal suppressed needs that are taking the form of damaging behavior. Taking the initiative to reach out and work with a counselor will benefit you in learning how to love yourself and grow so that you can find happiness in who you are instead of who surrounds you.

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