Family Constellations

Family Constellations

Family Constellations Therapy

Family Constellations Therapy stems from systematic treatment which focuses on family situations and gaining insight by looking into deeper relationships. This treatment can also be called the Family Energy Field which serves as a foundation for learning and understanding unresolved issues. When looking at Family Constellations we may be able to uncover some behavioral patterns that repeat in an unconscious manner from generation to generation. These family patterns are also referred to as Orders of Love. This can eventually turn into an enlightened spirituality and relationship which will provide participants with a deeper understanding and conscious transformation.

Goals of Family Constellations Therapy

The constellation session builds a picture of the family that allows the participants to become more familiar with their roots and current behavior. When they have a deeper understanding that they are connected to the family they then have the tools necessary to explore their past in a neutral manner. By looking into our own families we can see both the positive and negative characteristics that at one time may have made us question our own behavior. By acknowledging the elements we can also look into the genes that bind us together while also eliminating moral judgment that prevents us from growing. Strength and understanding is the focus of this session after becoming aware of the ancestral connection.

When is Constellations Therapy Used?

Family Constellations Therapy may be used for different reasons. Most of the clients want to gain a deeper understanding of themselves by looking into their ancestral background and what it has led to – regardless of whether or not the outcome is good or bad. It is used when a client would like to become aware of behavioral patterns which in turn provide them with a deeper understanding of themselves. When looking into family constellations the individual will be able to see why they act, respond or love the way that they do.

How Family Constellations Therapy Works

When the client looks into the constellation they will uncover truths on both a conscious and subconscious level. The facilitator of the session will move some of the representatives to different areas of the room in "new positions." These stances represent deeper concepts. The session also consists of the individual or representatives saying certain words that are "empowering." The phrases that are commanded by the family members possess a lot of energy toward the individual who is experiencing confusion.

The statements are extremely important throughout the session because it changes the energy between representatives. When the truth is exposed and pain is relieved there is a wholesome shift within the room and family's hearts. They are called empowerment statements because it brings the individuals into a wholesome awareness which is called enlightened love. If the representatives or family members within the group are experienced they have more freedom in moving and speaking as they choose – this is referred to as Movements of the Soul. The instructor will ask the members what kind of emotions they are feeling and to express these they will perform movement in the field. At times, if the group is experienced with constellation the session can be conducted without direction from the facilitator.

After the session is completed it is likely that some consistencies will be revealed between the parent and child's relationship. Children may find that they repeat patterns their guardians expressed as well. It is common that the constellation affects every representative deeply and accomplishes healing between those who may be having a similar issue to the client who is expressing their feelings. It builds a picture for the family that allows them to confront their roots and understand a connection between the family souls. The group will work in the environment to explore their roots without judgment or concern. By viewing the family in an unbiased manner it can provide them with opportunity and self awareness. This also allows us to let go of any thoughts and opinions that are preventing growth in our personal lives. When the session is completed the representatives will be able to re-channel their energy and use it for productive efforts with each other. By understanding what is and what has been within the group it builds strong and healthy walls that contribute to peace and understanding.

Criticism of Family Constellations Therapy

Critics argue that this therapeutic session may not be accurate at times when representatives are expressing their own intuitions toward the group. It can also be argued that members respond by putting on an act to help the client heal. 


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