Fertility Issues

Fertility Issues


Fertility issues can cause you to deal with painful emotions that make you question your body, marriage and self esteem. The hurt that you're experiencing during this time can feel confusing and difficult to express if you don't know how to respond. By making the decision to reach out and work with a counselor you have the opportunity to understand more about what you're going through and where these feelings stem from.

Coping with fertility issues or going through infertility treatment can be a heart breaking experience (especially as it is usually unexpected.) You might have a hard time putting on a brave face if you feel that you are dealing with worries and concern alone. Counseling is valuable in helping you cope with these emotions if you choose to confide in an outside support system. Therapy works by helping you find strength and cope in a manner that is beneficial to your own health as well as the health of your marriage. Counselors can also assist you with decision making in regards to fertility treatments if you aren't sure what option works best for you.

Challenges Faced by Fertility Issues

The process of having a child varies from one person to another. It can seem unfair that you're dealing with fertility issues, especially when you and your partner are healthy. A couple might spend a lot of time and money toward the pregnancy without the slightest notion as to how long it will take. Many couples focus their efforts on a number of infertility solutions without knowing whether or not they will be able to have a child. Possessing a deeper understanding as to why you're struggling with infertility is also a challenge as you might assume that there is something wrong with you or your partner's health. There are many who have a hard time accepting that they do not have control over the pregnancy and this initiates a helpless feeling. When you are doing everything that you're supposed to do for a successful pregnancy and there are no results it can increase frustration, sadness and concern. By working with someone who can teach you how to deal with emotions and worries, you'll learn how to cope with the circumstances and express your pain instead of repressing it and dealing with it alone.

How Fertility Issues Affect a Marriage

Fertility issues can be arduous as you're finding ways to adjust and solve problems. They also have the power to affect every area of your relationship. If you are facing marital issues know that it is common amongst partners who are finding ways to cope with infertility. When treatments aren't successful it can cause disappointment and hopelessness within the marriage. The disappointment can take happiness and hope away from you and your partner for different reasons. If you are dealing with your feelings differently than how your partner is it has the power to create a communication barrier between two people who should be expressing emotions and supporting each other. When pain and confusion takes a toll on your relationship it's essential to deal with the hardship together. By getting professional help you can learn how to express yourself and cope with concern in a way that is beneficial to the relationship. It's important not to hide this distress and fight it alone. In order to find solutions, make decisions and work as a team – you'll need to discover a way to talk to each other instead of hiding the turmoil and coping with it individually. Repression can cause intense emotions to worsen and build up overtime. It can lead to an increasing amount of stress and result in worsening behavior. By reaching out and seeking assistance from a therapist you will benefit from confiding in someone who can help the both of you cope with different feelings and decision making.

How Therapy Can Help

As you seek therapy you'll benefit from feeling safe within an environment where you can express how you feel openly. Counseling helps you acknowledge any shame or confusion you feel by helping you understand where these reactions come from. It assists you in problem solving and teaches you skills that will help to reduce stress and burdensome emotions. Learning how to cope with feelings and treatment results is the healthiest way for you to find strength in yourself and in your marriage. Both men and women have a hard time expressing emotions toward fertility and learning how to do so will help you clarify your confusion. You'll soon understand why it's okay to feel this way and deal with the pain so that you can heal from it. A counselor will help you by clearing up your thoughts - showing you how to express them so that you can find strength in coping with fertility results and support in a marriage.

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