Human Givens

Human Givens


The Human Givens approach is built on the idea that we have an innate need to seek satisfaction in how we interact with our resources and environment. We have a need to use these resources correctly which in turn will satisfy our physical and emotional urgency. When we can resolve these needs it will not only help us survive as humans, but progress as individuals. This form of therapy is built on the idea that we are animal beings developing in a material based world. Without freedom and emotional stimulation we may be depriving ourselves from feeling adequate and wholesome. The main component of human givens is that our emotional needs tie into our physical needs.

Goals of Human Givens

The goal of Human Givens is to treat people who are lacking in their emotional and resourceful lives. Therapists will work with the alignment of the client's human nature through ideology techniques. With the assertion that psychological health is balanced by emotional and physical health, the practice assists in relieving the individual's mental distress, anger, frustrations, addictions or anxiety. This approach looks at the needs of a human, defines them and makes them more real. We all have needs and should feel needed by others through intimate relationships and social connections. The goal of this therapy is to help people create and maintain those needs and relationships so that it improves their health and overall well being. By creating a framework the therapist can see where the person's life is lacking in resources and they will then create a solution for that client through psychological intervention, practical help and increased education. When the patient is more aware of what needs to be fulfilled it will bring clarity to their lives. With the help of the therapist, concrete ways of fulfilling these needs are designed and implemented.

When is Human Givens Used?

It's common that people sink into a state of depression and isolationism which results in needs being unmet. Anyone who is depressed may suffer from other behavioral symptoms such as anxiety. Over time this imbalance begins to take a toll on their level of energy which can result in isolationism and confusion. Human Givens is used when human vulnerability is present for one reason or another. Whether or not the reason is because of a traumatic event, loneliness or disorientation the therapist is going to see how the client is using their resources incorrectly and then focus on what needs to be changed in their lives so that they begin to find fulfillment.

How Human Givens Works

This works by lowering the amount of emotional arousal so that the patient can begin to use their higher cortex instead of the emotional part of the brain. They will focus on the emotional needs and dig deep to discover what the cause of the client's worry is. The therapist is going to help the individual create new expectations and disrupt the old thought process. This works by assisting the individual in creating desirable goals and expectations that can actually be satisfied in a concrete manner through plans and action. Through encouragement and a change in focus the therapist and client will find a way to fulfill pleasures and relationships through problem solving.

It is common that people have unfulfilled worries that tend to take over their pattern of thinking. By practicing new behaviors and focusing on a new motivation the cycle can be broken. By looking at human needs in regards to recent discoveries and increased knowledge we can make the process to fulfilling those needs concrete. This works when a therapist can associate purpose and meaning to a client's life by putting them in control of it and pushing them to create intimate connections with others and the community.

In order to achieve a healthier life and learn calmer responses to what happens, it will improve overall performance. Through Human Givens the therapist uses a coaching approach that simplifies the individuals need to find purpose, goals and wants. They will then push them to use the resources that they have available to meet them and experience wholesomeness. The beautiful thing about the approach is the idea that it can work with every client, regardless of the situation they're being faced with. There's always a way to use resources to overcome an obstacle and achieve a set of goals. The only way to feel satisfied is by recognizing what the human desires and taking steps forward so that progress is being made to obtain that desire.


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