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Imago therapy is an integrated treatment that works for children, parents, students, colleagues and couples. This therapy is for the purpose of enhancing a relationship through a safe approach that allows two people to grow and understand each other in a way that creates unity. Although it is often used for couples it is relevant to singles who want to learn more about relationships and improve their own wellbeing in to maintain social relationships.

Goals of Imago Therapy

An imago match is someone who balances with us and does so to unite and create a partnership or marriage. This bond helps heal both individuals. The goal of imago therapy is to wrap up our childhood and make up for the wounds that our parents may have inflicted on us. It is for the purpose of creating a romantic love relationship through harmony and balanced methodology. Power struggles tend to affect the health of a relationship and as soon as a commitment is made these power struggles are no longer necessary. The therapist aims toward aligning the two conscious minds so that only satisfaction and positive feelings are stemming from the relationship instead of egoism. The focus of Imago treatment is to assist the clients in creating an intimate and committed relationship with their partner. This cannot be done alone; a therapist is needed so that the couple can obtain the skills and awareness necessary in forming a conscious bond. Therapy is based on successfully building a life and relationship that you desire. By obtaining the skills and knowledge from the therapist the two partners can begin to make changes and balance each other's needs.

When is Imago Therapy Used?

Imago Therapy is used when the unconscious features of a relationship need to become conscious. It is used when a couple needs to address a root conflict and deal with the problem on the surface. Healing and growth is necessary in a relationship and couples need to create safety for each other's emotions. This treatment is suggested so that the two individual's will have a deeper understanding of each other's needs which will then make room for a deeper connection and intimacy. It is recommended when a couple should make small changes that contribute to balance and fulfillment. Some need to learn how to create pleasure for their partner instead of inflicting pain. When two people understand how to form a partnership it will improve their wholesomeness and passion. The most important factors in Imago Therapy are healing and dialogue. These components should be used to assist each other in making positive and permanent changes.

How Imago Therapy Works

It is common that the most pain that we feel stems from betrayal in relationships. The parents that we had as a child may not be our same mentors currently because as we age, we grow into different people. The room for parent's love in our lives may lessen and that in turn increases the need for a lover. The Imago therapist will frame issues between a couple and dig beneath the surface of their problems so that they can further understand both of their needs on a deeper level. The therapist will implement an intervention session which increases their own confidence in working with the two individuals. They will elaborate to the clients on how they can move away from the conflict and closer to a solid connection. A relationship is meant for healing and growth and that is exactly what the therapist speaks to the clients about. The clients will learn about the dynamics in a relationship and how they can use the knowledge they have learned to grow and improve their intimacy and communication with one another.

Imago Therapy is unlike any partner treatment. The method is often implemented through sessions, reading and homework assignments. If there was a certain amount of bad in our lives we develop a defense mechanism which is something that we tend to carry around in a relationship. The childhood defenses that we have are displayed in relationships often. Imago therapy works by creating a change in our personal behavior. The defenses that we have stored are deprivations which are the result of the losses that we have experienced throughout our personal lives. When we are able to look at the truth and the unmet needs of our partner and our own needs, we can bring light to the situation and own up to these traits that have been repressed.


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