If you find yourself feeling insufficient and less worthy than others you may be dealing with a sense of inadequacy. This thought can destroy your self confidence and prevent you from finding joy or comfort in who you are. When you uncover this inadequacy and learn how to find a new self you will then be more capable of growing into the assertive individual that you are.

Feeling inadequate can be the result of underestimating your own abilities and skills. People often sell themselves short if they don't have much confidence. They aren't always aware of how valuable they are which is why they allow other people to judge them; this judgment can end up changing their own reality. This can cause you to misinterpret events and run to conclusions about yourself. People who are inferior may also be inadequate. The key is to eliminate this feeling and build a self confidence that allows you to get in touch with your many strengths and abilities. Counseling helps many who face inadequacy issues. By learning how to implement strategies toward who you are and what your worth is you will learn how to discover what you have to offer toward yourself and others.

Challenges Faced by Inadequacy

Feeling inadequate can make you more sensitive to social inhibition. When it manifests itself it can vary although it often leads to a fear of criticism and disapproval. This feeling can cause you to become involved with people who may not contribute to your sense of worth. If you show restraint toward relationships it could be due to fear of ridicule. It can be is painful as you feel more preoccupied with rejection instead of new interpersonal situations. Seeing yourself as unappealing can keep you from taking important risks that you would otherwise benefit from. It's most important that during this time you recognize that inadequacy is unhealthy toward your mental and emotional state. As an individual you deserve the ability to see good within yourself and use that in a way that is beneficial to your future. By working with a counselor you'll benefit from learning more about yourself and the strengths that you possess. If you want to change you can learn how to eliminate this inadequacy through self talk and strategies that help highlight what you excel in versus what you feel unworthy of.

How Inadequacy Affects Other Relationships

There are many inadequate people who do not feel good enough for the relationships that they have. If criticism is present it can be taken to an extreme and lead to self loathing. If another person has to be careful in the relationship by always providing positive reinforcement, it isn't always a good thing. If you tend to place more emphases on criticism and negative remarks instead of praise you can start to feel more inadequate and unworthy which causes a discrepancy in the relationship. Inadequacy might make you feel undeserving of praise or assume that it isn't sincere. A partner might have a difficult time knowing how to act if they don't want to offend you or cause you to assume that there is an implicit meaning behind their remark. A counselor will help you with this feeling and your relationships by showing you how to eliminate assumptions and preconceived notions.

How Therapy Can Help

By choosing to work with a therapist you will learn how to use tools that reverse your core sense of inadequacy. These techniques help you access your real self instead of using core assumptions. When you learn how to convey worth and value into your own identity you can then reinterpret experiences and build personal power. Mistaken core beliefs might change the way that you present yourself to people who are critical of your career, happiness and interests. It can have a twisting effect that prevents you from feeling freedom. Working with a therapist helps by showing you how to revive the true self. It's common that a lot of us lose our sense of worth somewhere along the way at no fault of our own. When we learn how to take that self and perception back we will then be able to expose ourselves to others in a new light. Being that our thoughts attract a lot of what is happening around us we must learn how to arrange those prior to growing into someone new and empowered. Inadequacy can be reversed if you work with a counselor who will teach you self-commanding techniques. By coming to a realization you will be able to see more of what you are capable of rather than what you think you cannot do. When you make the decision to get help and learn how to change your perception you will then have the power to change your circumstances and environment.

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