Logotherapy is a type of psychospiritual psychology that was created by Dr. Viktor Frankl. This therapy is based on the idea that every individual has a need to be needed by those whom they care about. The principles associated with this form of therapy pertain to the relationship between the patient and companionship of those around them. The focus is the subject of living with a sense of purpose in relationships instead of turning to psychotherapy or medications. Logotherapy does not offer medicine or mental care, the methods that are learned are meant for those who want to find their own significance and heal their own frustrations. By following the principles that are associated with this treatment, caring for others, working to obtain the things that the patient wants and leading a consistent life the individual will learn how to take control and enjoy who they are.

Goals of Logotherapy

The main goal of Logotherapy is finding the connection between the patient’s spirit and health. By focusing on the spirit the therapist is tending to the basic needs of purpose in humanity. It’s common that the spirit is blocked because due to a sickness or psychological trauma. Although the spirit doesn’t get sick the psychobiological organism can be damaged. The main focus of this therapy is to take away the mental and spiritual blockages. When the confusion is eliminated, the patient can then begin to experience their internal self to the fullest. The therapist’s main goal is to make the patient focus on their purpose instead of a problem which leads them to rise above that issue. When the client becomes more accepting of their true self and can tolerate the activities that are going on around them they will begin to conquer the emotional or mental restrictions that have been holding them back from pursuing their purpose and dreams.

When is Logotherapy Used?

Logotherapy is used when the patient is confronting an existential frustration. The difficulty in their lives may be the result of a quest for purpose. The quest for this meaning may be prevented because of internal blockages due to personal circumstances or trauma. At times feeling meaningless is the result of boredom. This affair is common in many people, which is why they result to harmful activity to make up for this boredom. There are many people who do not know their own purpose and don’t have any goals that they actually desire. Logotherapy is used when a person is masking this empty feeling and it is leading to internal conflict, frustration and corrupt efforts.

How Logotherapy Works

The therapist will focus on three elements when diagnosing and treating a patient. Freedom of Will, Will to meaning and Meaning of Life are all connected with each other. When the client becomes aware of their own Freedom of Will, they realize that they are the ones able to choose how they respond to situations and decide on their own life path. Freedom of will means that they are able to choose their own life destiny and learn responsibility and morality through it.

The therapist will focus on the patient’s will to meaning by teaching them about finding purpose. Humans are not driven by their instincts but their need to fulfill meaning. When they find the purpose behind their own lives they will gain so much satisfaction just from knowing that following a certain path can provide them with purpose. This happiness allows them to push through sufferings and hardship. Knowing that meaning can be found during the worst of times implies that life existence has purpose in one’s existence and not only in some situations. It is pointed out that the dimension of a human is defined by what they know is purposeful. When individuals realize that their lives are meaningful and that they have a purpose, their spirit can tune into the ultimate meaning.

There is importance in human spirituality because it focuses on what is right and not what is wrong. By exaggerating on the response that is given in certain situations, we can begin to affirm our own existence by knowing that we have control over what happens in our own lives. The patients can get rid of these negative forces by controlling the positive ones. Logotherapy can be applied to different disciplines in medicine, counseling and care. This is a form of therapy that people can undergo so that they can unravel their full potential and move forward in life with assuredness.


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