More individuals and couples are attending therapy for cyber-sex and pornography addictions. It is common that this impulsive behavior is attached to separate psychological issues. If you or a loved one needs help in eliminating the role that pornography plays in your life, a counselor can help you re-focus your addiction and teach you how to control your decisions before it ruins your health and close relationships.

Many treatment programs are aimed toward this behavioral addiction to help the individual defeat the compulsive behavior which is similar to other addictions such as substance abuse. This material is treated differently because it revolves around something that humans commonly engage in. When a sexual outlet turns into a compulsion it can become an issue that commonly interferes with work and relationships. Counseling can help you overcome the activity by using a different approach that helps you understand why the behavior is occurring. There is often an emotional pattern that is causing the addict to use pornography as an outlet.

When Pornography Becomes Unhealthy

Pornography addiction is the want to view pornographic material without regards to social obligations or financial responsibilities. This activity can cause you to spend hours viewing material for gratification purposes. Addictions are usually based off of the want for relief and pleasure because it relieves a constant anxiety or suppression of emotions. Each time the individual feels pleasure it can be more difficult to feel satisfaction the next time that they participate in the activity. This is similar to an addiction toward substances in which person has to increase their use of the drug every time that they use it in order to get the high that they desire. There is often a traumatic event or relationship complication associated with pornography addictions. There are many who go to treatment for pornography and other addictions such as substance abuse at the same time because of their need for relief. A therapist can help you control the activity by addressing the underlying issues that might be causing you to make these decisions repeatedly.

How Pornography Affects a Marriage

When spouses turn to pornography without the other partner knowing it can cause conflicts in the marriage and change the relationship intimacy. Exposure to different variations of sexual behavior can make the spouse believe that their partner should reciprocate what they have been exposed to. If one of the partners finds that their loved one has an addiction toward sexual material it can cause them to assume that they are not satisfying their partner. For some it may feel like the ultimate betrayal and it can change the way that they see marriage potential. The expectations toward sex can evolve a relationship or self-esteem in a negative manner. If a couple pursues this activity together it can cause them to drift away from each other emotionally. They might eventually reach a point in which their lovemaking isn't an expression but an expectation that one partner has been exposed to. An addiction toward pornography can make the person that you love feel unappreciated, abandoned and unattractive. Seeking counseling to get rid of this activity will not only eliminate the impulses but prevent a relationship from collapsing.

How Therapy Can Help

In order to recover from this addiction you'll have to embrace honesty and be willing to reach out to a therapist who can help you control the behavior. For some people this can feel like an extremely humiliating confession. Those feelings will be eliminated when the person understands that their need comes from something much deeper. By getting rid of this behavior you can improve your life and trust with those around you. With a treatment plan the addict can learn how to arrive at their own conclusion and make an important personal change. By learning techniques that support control and rational thinking you can overcome this behavior. When you talk about these issues openly with a trusted counselor you'll be able to express some personal frustrations that you might have.

The addiction prevention plan that is designed motivates you to carry out a healthy lifestyle as you are learning how to think and react differently. It's important for you to recognize the signs of this addiction and learn how to avoid triggers. When you avoid the triggers that lead to the activity you can slowly defeat the impulsion. Professional therapists can help you make good use of your prevention resources. It often begins with psychotherapy so that the underlying problem that pushes you toward relief can be determined. The amount of time that it takes to complete the sessions and overcome addiction will depend on the participant's ability to change their relief outlet. In therapy you will learn how to manage your emotions and personal needs so that you can deal with them in a way that is more beneficial to your health and relationships.

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