Pregnancy Issues

Pregnancy Issues


Pregnancy is a time of change in both our bodies and our minds. Hormonal changes can have a significant effect on our emotional well-being; some of us experience higher levels of anxiety and can develop further psychological issues. If this rings a bell with you, it is possible that you should be seeking help.

Pregnancy does affect us psychologically. The discovery of a new pregnancy can bring joy, if the pregnancy was planned, or it can bring some major concerns and anxieties if unplanned. Pregnancy can have other effects, including tiredness and feeling more emotional than usual. It also often involves anxieties about the well-being of the unborn child (particularly common in early pregnancy) and the upcoming birth of the child (often develops later in the pregnancy). Such feelings are quite normal, and we should not worry about them too much. Women might also feel slightly self-conscious about weight gain and body changes. Again, this is very common and can be expected. However, there are some cases where these feelings grow out of proportion and become irrational. Some of us can develop serious psychological issues during pregnancy, and this is very harmful, particularly if high levels of stress are experienced.

When Pregnancy Issues Become Unhealthy

Anxiety can become a serious issue during pregnancy. Fears about losing the unborn child, fears about what will happen when the child arrives, and whether we are able to cope with motherhood are all common worries. Other anxieties, that were present before the pregnancy, such as financial concerns or insecurities about the relationship with the father, may develop and be felt more acutely once the pregnancy is confirmed. These feelings can become serious and sometimes result in various anxiety disorders. Women may have a lack of confidence about their abilities and experience low self-esteem. Some soon to be mothers can develop eating disorders if they become overly stressed about weight gain, this can also be a technique to attempt to feel in control of their lives (something that women often lack during pregnancy). If the pregnancy was unexpected and in some cases unwanted, women can feel very scared and isolated. This is often true for young women, who might be worried about revealing the pregnancy to their parents. This can lead to rushed abortions, depression, self-harm, and suicide in extreme cases. Pregnancy can be very stressful for some of us. It is important that we recognize the importance of talking about our issues and not trying to cope alone if we begin to feel overwhelmed.

How Pregnancy Issues Affect a Marriage

Pregnancy issues can have significant impact on a marriage. Increased anxiety levels may appear as paranoia. For example, if a woman has concerns that her husband is not fully committed to her, this can be exaggerated during pregnancy. To the husband this might appear paranoid or as though the woman is worrying over nothing. However, it is important to remember that pregnancy is quite a daunting thing, especially for first time mothers. The need to feel secure and supported is great, and if this is compromised in any way we can feel stressed and agitated. Men might also struggle to understand anxieties about the physical changes that a woman is experiencing. These issues can all cause tensions and possible arguments within a marriage. This is especially likely if a pregnancy is unplanned and the parents have different ideas on how to approach and cope with the news. The woman might feel concerned that she is shouldering the majority of the responsibility and taking the pregnancy more seriously than the husband. This is again linked to possible concerns about the father being a suitable provider for the mother and her child. Any tensions that were present before the pregnancy are likely to be exacerbated. This is because the couple will be under further stress and the woman may be physically and mentally tired. It is important to keep communication open, and try to discuss issues openly and calmly. In this manner, both can feel understood and supported by the other.

How Therapy Can Help

If pregnancy issues are growing out of control, especially feelings of anxiety or depression, it is crucial that you seek help early on so that any problems can be resolved before the birth of the child. There is no need to feel ashamed about needing support. Pregnancy can be a difficult period that is full of physical and mental changes. Therefore, if we need to, we should put the services of therapists and counselors to use. Some of us will just need a few sessions to restore a positive mind set, whereas others may need on-going support when the baby is born. Either way, therapy can help. If your marriage is suffering from the pressures and stresses of pregnancy, marriage counseling can be very beneficial and vital in reopening communication between husband and wife. Don’t let pregnancy issues get in the way of excitement about becoming a mother; seek help so that you enjoy the process.

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