It is common that many individuals have unresolved conflicts and memories that weigh them down from moving forward in life and dealing with the pain that is associated with an issue. This issue could be the result of something that has happened in the past or a past life. Regression Therapy or Past-Life Regression Psychotherapy treats those who have been directly affected by an event that continues to re-visit them. Therapy helps clear up elements that are associated with this event. Treatment focuses on finding the energy that is disrupting the client and helps them resolve issues from the past that act as barriers. Ultimately the treatment deals with the emotions and events within a person's life or past life.

Goals of Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy is all about the mind and how it is affecting our current life experiences. When we relive past experiences that have been repressed the events often pertain to fear, relationship issues, betrayal, abuse or sexual problems. The goal of Regression Therapy is uncovering these memories and allowing the patient to face them, deal with them and then recover from the emotions associated with them. Many of these memories have been forgotten although the emotional wounds have yet to heal. When the client has relived the experiences and the emotions associated with them, they can come to an understanding and regain their mental and spiritual health. The counselor will focus on providing the patient with a clear mind and knowledge of self by freeing them from mental imprisonment. The patient can experience physical relief. Tension will be eliminated and there will be less hypersensitivity in how the patient reacts to certain situations.

When is Regression Therapy Used?

Patients turn to Regression Therapy for different reasons. They may undergo treatment because they have a fear that is actually the result of something that has happened to them during a traumatic event in a past life. Treatment is open to anyone who finds themselves acting hesitant toward social interactions, things and events. They may experience difficulty in relationships because of a repressed love or loss in a past life. Many clients go through physicals symptoms such as anxiety and bodily tension because of the fear that is associated with emotions, grief and confusion. Patients may suffer from these but are unaware of the effect that it has on their current life and relationships. Anyone can benefit from Regression Therapy especially when they want to overcome the emotions associated with the relapse of memories.

How Regression Therapy Works

During Regression Therapy the counselor follows the clients symptoms back to their original source. These sources could be the result of something that has happened in a past life which can be confusing to many who are unaware of the repression. The therapist focuses on the experience by tackling the patient's defeats and cynical beliefs that they have due to an unfamiliar event. By finding out what has taken place it gives the patient the ability to unravel the energy that has been suppressed. They set this energy free and experience relief because they are no longer holding on to an event that is being held within them.

Stubborn patterns are released during treatment. It will present self understanding and healing to the individual, which is the prominent focus of psychotherapy. Comprehending a past life in general is challenging for many. They may not believe that their current symptoms are related to such a thing. Whether or not they believe in a past life doesn't matter during therapy. The only important thing to focus on during treatment is the past-life regression which heals the client in more ways than one.

It is a short term therapy that tends to be more concentrated than others. More than one issue can be worked on during a single session. The therapist will focus in an experiential manner rather than intellectual. The patient can begin to undergo change in their unwanted behavior without the use of medication or structural methods. This helps to change the way that the brain chemistry is affecting them currently. If the therapy is successful trauma is released from the body, mind and spirit. The counselor may have the capacity to work through a pattern or issue within a few sessions. The main component of Regression Therapy is ensuring that every layer of the trauma is transformed and released from the patient so that they can experience physical, mental and emotional healing. These three components create spiritual well-being and wholesomeness within the self.


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