Relationships and Marriage

Relationships and Marriage


If you feel that you are repeatedly dealing with hurt or confusion toward a relationship that you hold dear to you, it isn't always easy to uncover the problem. Both partners have to be willing to change and come to understand each other before they make assumptions. Therapy provides couples with a safe outlet where they can express their concerns and desires in order to sustain a healthy relationship.

It is common for relationships and marriages to get stuck in a cycle of criticism and defense. It's easy to get caught up in a power struggle, unsure as to how two people can work together and learn how to stop destructive arguments. Many relationships struggle with communication and understanding toward one another. The inability to communicate or find ways to integrate our partners needs into what we do can result in a disconnection. Therapy helps us manage these conflicts by showing us how to engage in a behavior that is more respective of thoughts and feelings. When we learn how to avoid blame and stonewalling we will then be more capable of building a progressive structure. When a relationship or marriage experiences less conflict and improved communication it offers relief and promotes long-lasting improvements.

Challenges Faced by Relationships and Marriage

It takes some additional work in order to make these improvements permanent. If there is hurtful and damaging behavior that is weakening the ties of the relationship it is easier said than done. It might make one partner feel guarded or cause both to lose touch with their inner worlds. It's common in relationships that people offer less expressions of appreciation or care toward each other which can then lead to misunderstanding. It's important that the enjoyment and security of each other is regained in order to start moving forward. There is no doubt that conflict is inevitable in close relationships; therapy helps people minimize the destructive behavior and build strategies that are more productive. This can be a way for a couple to rediscover their trust and joy toward each other for the purpose of rebuilding an intimate relationship.

Relationships, Marriage and External Relationships

The way that we are handling our marriage can affect all other areas of our lives. If we are unhappy or frustrated with the person that we spend all of our time with it can change the way that we manage other relationships. Maintaining a marriage can be difficult when two people are most vulnerable toward one another. Financial or personal stressors that we experience can easily be taken out on our partner. A marriage might interfere with the way that children develop – especially if arguments are out of control and aggressive. A lot of us tend to rely on our partner to get through difficult times and when we have conflict with them we don't always know what resource to lean on.

Be aware that it is important to fix these problems in a systematic way so that it doesn't change all other areas of life. Our ability to deal with these issues can make or break success in other relationships such as those with our own family. It can change our consistency at work if the conflict is regular. Betrayal can also happen due to this lack of communication; one partner might not feel good enough or happy because their spouse doesn't understand their personal needs. The willingness to listen to what our partner needs on a rational level is just as important as talking to each other about what we will benefit from personally. Exuberance toward each other will come with time if two people can learn how to use consistent mechanisms.

How Therapy Can Help

Therapy assists a relationship by listening to what both partners are frustrated about and helps clarify whether or not desires are being met. Sometimes it's as simple as listening and expressing more compassion toward the other person. If the issues dwell on a deeper level within one or both partners the therapist can help clarify them. At times within a marriage there is one spouse who deals with interpersonal issues that are the product of their childhood or suppressed feelings. If the problems are rooted deeper the counselor can help the spouse individually so that the relationship benefits from internal healing. Each marriage has its strength and weaknesses. People come together because they find compatibility and it's easy to forget about the power of change along the way due to the pain and hardships that are associated with bonding. Counseling brings out the most important components of a relationship and teaches two people how to change their approach so that both partner's needs are met. Successful marriages are the ones that are adaptable. Individuals must be willing to change and share admiration toward each other to regain mutual respect and integrity.

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