The majority of us make assumptions throughout our lives regarding self worth. We run to the conclusion that we can only love who we are if we have accomplished something that is seen as prominent in society. Unfortunately, the standards of self love can be misinterpreted. Instead of basing our worth off of what other people see as satisfactory we can base our success off of constant improvements that we are making in an attempt to grow as an individual.

Self love is an important part of balancing our lives because it determines the quality of our relationships. It shapes the image that we project to others and changes how we cope with problems. It's important that we love who we are so that we can continue to grow and flourish. In a state of appreciation you'll learn from your actions and support yourself in the decisions that you make. Love will grow when we also learn how to accept our weaknesses and strengths. Through compassion and empathy we can learn how to become ourselves and attach personal meanings to our behavior so that we feel centered. If you are having difficulty balancing your self-esteem and you want to envision yourself in a way that attracts positive things into your life, you can work with a counselor who will help you find internal fulfillment.

Challenges Faced by Self Love

The difficulty in self love revolves around accepting our flaws and learning to love our weaknesses. While it's easy to accept our strengths, it can be a long process to enjoy the areas that we feel we are lacking in. Being mindful isn't always easy since we doubt who we are and what we act on. Learning how to respond to what we need rather than what we want takes discipline and we have to force ourselves to turn away from what feels good by staying focused. When we learn how to think about what we need and turn away from what is desirable we will then come to appreciate ourselves a bit more. Learning how to care for our basic needs and nourish external health can increase security. Setting boundaries will also create limits and eliminate activity that depletes us of our health emotionally and socially.

How Self Love Affects Other Relationships

The amount of self love that we have determines our relationships as it is often a reflection of what we feel worthy of. People who are emotionally healthy usually have relationships that are much more positive because their self esteem has an effect on the quality. When we don't have this assurance we might turn to others for approval. This is a behavior that illuminates negative emotions and internal conflicts. With low self-esteem our worth might depend on the opinions of others. When we look for this validation we can easily assume ideas and feel unworthy if we don't get the undivided attention that we internally desire. With a healthy self-esteem we might give more in relationships naturally. Without securities relationships can crumble as one person tends to give more or less. How you treat yourselves and others can often measure how secure you feel in your abilities. Self love promotes positive relationships because we can give respect to others and ourselves equally. Before you make life altering decisions regarding relationships and interests it's important to feel this assurance.

How Therapy Can Help

Everyone can benefit from learning about this love because it is an awakening process. Confidence is vital in living a secure life and it will allow us to be happy with other people. Therapy teaches us strategies that assist us in growing and seeking love in the right places. When we learn how to receive affection we will gain more of an appreciation toward the things that other people do for us. We'll benefit from learning how to praise ourselves instead of looking past what we accomplish. A therapist can teach us how to express the things that give us more pleasure in life. Learning how to respect ourselves gives us the opportunity to notice beauty in all things.

During counseling we'll learn how to become more patient as we grow from the mistakes that we make. When we measure our success off of our efforts we will gain more satisfaction. A counselor can work with you to show you how to develop self esteem and become better in every decision you make. There is an unhealthy assumption that all of us have toward our self image. We assume that once something is perfected it is then worthy of acceptance. This internalized message indicates that we are holding an incorrect perception. Therapy shows us that the healthiest and most beneficial way to feel satisfied with who we are is by learning how to become better. When we learn from our failures it is an opportunity to love ourselves even more because we have learned and are equipped to make better decisions regarding the next opportunity.

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