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Self Help


Self Help Therapy is developed for those who do not have the finances or time to attend treatment sessions. This is a method that costs less and is convenient when the individual possesses knowledge of the condition. By understanding the relationship between the mind, body and spirit you can learn how to control behavioral symptoms that are affecting you and your relationships. Learning how to use self help techniques can be valuable because it provides you with a deeper understanding of your thought process.

Goals of Self Help Therapy

The goal of Self Help Therapy is to be able to treat your mild to moderate symptoms away from the therapist's office and without medication. Of course, there are conditions that we may not be able to control. If the physical dysfunction is the result of mental patterns and nerves, it can be dealt with in a natural and effective way. The goal here is to recognize what the issue is and why it is resulting in discomfort. If the symptoms are nerves, anxiety, depression etc. there are ways to control the feelings. Reading about the condition and speaking to others who might suffer from the same problem can help you learn new techniques that contribute to relaxation and balance into your life. All of our bodies have a different chemical make-up and we have all been shaped differently as a result of our childhood and environment. By remaining calm and knowing how to control your thoughts and feelings you can deal with issues on your own without the need of a therapist.

When is Self Help Therapy Used?

Self Help Therapy is used when individuals may suffer from some mental or emotional conditions which results in mood swings, anxiety, depression and social isolation. Strategies can be used anytime and on anybody if the person is willing to help themselves instead of depend on medication and peer groups. There are conditions that require both medication and counseling; those should not be dealt with on a self help basis. The problems that we can control are the result of our own worries and frustrations. Self Help Therapy is used when people want to take control of their being and use it to progress, create relationships and gain momentum.

How Self Help Therapy Works

Self Help Therapy may be the result of an individual's desire or the aftermath of a treatment that a patient has already completed. Counselors teach clients self help techniques during treatment and these same strategies can also be found in various resources such as books, videos and audio files. The material is very effective when it is understood and applied consistently. Whether or not the therapy consists of breathing techniques, exercising, dieting, imagining or meditating – the strategies can be implemented and used to reverse symptoms of some mental and behavioral conditions.

For many it is effective if they have learned the strategies from a counselor because it feels reliable. Learning about Self Help Therapy on one's own requires a lot of self discipline and confidence which can be difficult when the cause feels uncontrollable. Therapists create books and websites that provide medical information people benefit from. This can improve their behavior and relationships. The downfall is that it's difficult to remember and implement the material if it isn't coming from a counselor directly. By using reliable resources you can ensure that the advice is supported and applied during therapy sessions.

The first step in overcoming psychological issues away from counseling is having a deep understanding of the condition and how it can affect you physically. There are people who use strategies to deal with the same issues without therapists to benefit themselves, their work and relationships. Part of recovering is having thorough knowledge of the condition. If you are suffering from panic attacks or anxiety it would be effective to learn why it happens and the physical affect that it has on the body. By taking the right measures this pain can be eliminated. It's most effective to learn how to relax the body which in turn will prevent chemical imbalances and the onset of anxiety. Relaxing prevents unhealthy breathing and tension in the muscles which is linked to nervous energy and stress. By being aware of the body and practicing relaxation exercises you can prevent symptoms. Learn calm breathing and this will contribute to muscle relaxation. Both techniques are quick to work and valuable being that they can be used in any mental or emotional situation.

Criticism of Self Help Therapy

Experts suggest that Self Help Therapy isn't sufficient to the individual because it isn't guaranteed that they will understand and use the techniques adequately. By obtaining information on a condition and learning strategies it may not point to the person grasping the technique or reading information from a reputable source.


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