Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction


Sex addiction is a behavior that can destroy marriages, jobs and result in severe feelings such as guilt and shame. It's harmful to the addict, spouses, friends and family when the activity is revealed. Like any addiction, therapy is necessary to help the individual overcome the impulses and find strength in their ability to heal internally.

Sex addiction is defined as an escalating pattern of sexual behavior acted out regardless of the consequences associated with the activity. If there is a family history of addiction it can cause responses such as these. The condition may occur for various reasons and it is often used to fulfill any trauma that may have been felt during childhood. The addiction is harmful just like any other as it is an impulsive behavior for the purpose of seeking personal gratification. With an outside support system the addict can work with a therapist and find ways to overcome the issue. They can learn how to reverse the behavior after resolving past conflicts and applying learned strategies.

How Sex Addiction Harms Someone

A sex addiction has significant consequences on the person participating and on their partner or spouse. There are a lot of secondary emotions associated with the impulsive decision although it initially feels like a form of relief. The individual might deal with anxiety and stress as a fear of being caught or because of the shame that comes from the activities. It can make them emotionally distant from others although it often goes unnoticed by peers for years. Sex addiction is harmful because it puts the participant at a higher risk in obtaining a sexually transmitted disease. It can increase the chances of a violent sexual act that creates legal problems. If harassment is present it can build issues in the workplace and result in the loss of a job. It is most harmful to marriages being that spouses are often unaware of the activity and infidelity issues. If the addiction is kept a secret it's also hard to reach out for help. By choosing to confide in a therapist you can receive support throughout this addiction as the counselor will guide you and show you what measures you can take as you fight this convention.

How Sex Addiction Affects a Marriage

This behavior is often secretive and causes a lot of remorse after an encounter. It can have a significant impact on the marriage due to the treason that is involved. It often consists of repeated affairs and relations that involve threats. The inability to remain faithful to a partner can create a lot of emotional and mental trauma; if the spouse is unaware of the addiction it can be difficult to accept it and understand why the behavior is present. The person might spend a lot of their time away from the home, alienating the people who mean the most to them. It can take financial effect on the marriage if the person with the addiction is spending money on pornographic material.

When the spouse or relative is aware of the addiction it's important to be understanding of where it comes from. It does point to another underlying problem such as depression, anxiety or trauma. When these individuals are treated the counselor will begin to see some of the core issues. During this time it's important for loved ones to be supportive and understand that it isn't for the intention of hurting someone but a reaction to a feeling that has been suppressed in the patient. Although it's most difficult for a spouse to be understanding, it is prominent to recognize that it is a problem behavior like any other. It will require therapy with a trained counselor who can help reveal the root cause of the impulses.

How Therapy Can Help

Counseling is necessary for an addiction because it doesn't only teach the person how to control their thoughts and behavior; it uncovers deeper issues that may be present. Therapy is a safe place for the individual to attend so that they can expose their feelings toward the matter. The patient will learn what might be causing this behavior and how they can go about stopping it using different techniques. A twelve step program is commonly used to treat this addiction. Therapy can help because it identifies with the behavior and teaches the patient how they can use consistent strategies to control impulses. This may take time and it's common to go through relapses. When the addict can speak to someone who will help clarify the issue furthermore, they will also understand what is wrong and why they feel the need to act out. The severity of their addiction may vary and some treatment plans will be longer than others depending on the condition. Sex addiction does require treatment to improve the emotions, thoughts and health of the individual. Whenever there is an inability to control behavior it can be damaging to the person performing the activity and the people who surround them. A counselor can help you get through this time so that you can regain control of your life and live in a way that promotes your emotional and physical health.

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