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The inability to experience arousal or achieve sexual satisfaction may be the result of a physical disorder or emotional problem. While there are some forms of sexual dysfunction that are more common than others, they are all a challenge to overcome. Intimacy builds health in more ways than one. When it is difficult to be sexually active it can cause concern and self esteem issues. By recognizing what is resulting in this dysfunction you can learn how to overcome the reaction and regain intimacy.

Sexual dysfunction is also known as psychosexual dysfunction. A recurring inability to achieve stimulation can be the product of either physical or physiological issues.  It's often times that each of these are linked to an anxiety or negative emotion. Whether or not it has something to do with a conflict outside of the relationship will vary. Therapy for those who are faced with sex issues helps the individual learn how to relax and overcome the anxiety so that they can beat a dysfunction. If there is a physical condition that is causing the conflict it would have to be treated medically. You can learn how to overcome a mental and emotional barrier by working with a therapist who will identify the cause and teach you how to overcome a physiological constraint.

How Sex Issues Becomes Unhealthy

Being unable to express how you feel physically toward someone that you care for can cause a lot of frustration, embarrassment and anxiety. It can leave you wondering what the problem actually is. Although you continue to try and promote sexual health your body may not be giving them the response that they desire. Difficulty expressing intimacy often has to do with the relationship between the mind and body. Although you desire sexual activity you may not know how to relax. Tension and stress can prevent physical stimulation. Sex issues can create physical, emotional and relationship problems. Although a partner may understand the difficulty it can cause frustration and insecurity toward your performance. This is a normal issue that a lot of people have overcome. By working with a therapist you can learn relaxation techniques that focus on your ability to release tension from the body and enjoy the intimacy without worrying sexual inability.

How Sex Issues Affect a Marriage

Intimacy does have a big impact on a marriage and if a partner is unhappy with the sexual activity it may cause some disconnection in the relationship. Although there is no way to define what a normal sex life is, there are elements that are healthy and unhealthy. If one partner is unable to enjoy the activity it might cause some distress in the relationship. If one person is uncomfortable with their body or is unable to relax it can act as a barrier to physical expression. There are some important things to embrace as you are attempting to improve sexual performance. Practicing a positive attitude and feeling safe with your partner can improve the activity. A spouse also needs to understand and respect this condition so that they can help their loved one overcome the issue. When two people work together it can make it a more supportive environment. Understanding can help the person who is having difficulty controlling the physiological response.

There are many things that can cause sexual problems such as health, hormones, medications and high blood sugar. There are factors that can come into play such as the partner spending too much energy at their job and as a result they are experiencing chronic stress. If there is a mental health issue that has gone untreated or if abuse has been present it can result in similar issues. Before you can overcome the problem you will have to recognize what is creating it and a therapist can assist you in becoming more aware.

How Therapy Can Help

This may not be something that resolves quickly if you don't know what the cause of the dysfunction is. It's normal to feel embarrassed but you shouldn't feel like the problem cannot be fixed. By seeking counseling you'll learn how to recognize what may be causing the physical response and learn how to control it so that you can enjoy intimacy. Counseling focuses on the anxiety, beliefs and embarrassments that might be attached to these experiences. If it is a physical issue it is necessary to see a doctor to treat the physical aspects of the patient. If upsetting sexual experiences are causing this response, individual counseling can help you heal and overcome trauma that is taking away from a physiological response to intimacy. Counselors are trained to help you uncover the issue and assist couples who should communicate about their sexual needs and feelings. When you can reach out to a therapist and confide in them you'll learn what has created this problem and understand how to use strategies that help to increase sexual activity through relaxation and breathing techniques.

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