Thought Field Therapy

Thought Field Therapy


Thought Field Therapy created by Roger Callahan is based on the energy system within the body and how it relates to psychological issues. This treatment claims that it isn't the traumatic event or thoughts that are associated with the emotions within clients but the disturbances that happen as a result of the cognitive and chemical changes within the person. The change is also hormonal and neurological which causes the energy within the body to act in an imbalanced manner. A Thought Field Therapy or TFT practitioner is able to recognize when the energy is imbalanced and diagnose the patient by tapping into certain areas of their body in the right order while also focusing on the mental issue. This is also a form of psychological reversal which is a form of analyzing and treatment the negative emotions and self defeat behind the energy imbalance.

Goals of Thought Field Therapy

TFT has improved the art of healing in the psychology field since it was developed 30 years ago. This is a method that is usually used when there isn't any other treatment that will assist the patient in letting go of the trauma and energy for the purpose of experiencing relief between the body and mind. The goal of Thought Field Therapy is to release the energy in a hands-on manner by focusing on energy tapping and cognitive diagnosis. The goal of Thought Field Therapy is to release the patient from the trauma and negative energy that is taking over their lives and provide them with relief in a more aggressive therapy. The TFT conductor will apply a healing code to balance out the energy within the body and promote healing by getting rid of the negative emotions within minutes during a session.

When is Thought Field Therapy Used?

Thought Field Therapy is used when patients suffer from trauma and have already attempted to heal the negative thoughts and energy through other forms of treatment. It is used on those who suffer from constant worrying, stress and anxiety. For those who have difficulty maintaining their weight TFT can ease the process and promote the weight loss activity through the nervous system. It is used on clients who are getting rid of an addiction such as smoking. TFT has the ability to ease patients of depression without using medication or combination treatment. Thought Field Therapy is most fitting for those who are in need of mental and emotional freedom which can be affected by energy tapping the body.

How Thought Field Therapy Works

Thought Field Therapy works by tapping sequences that correspond to mental emotions such as anxiety and fear that is the result of trauma. The treatment was created to correct energy blockages within the body by focusing on the meridian lines and tapping energy points until the negative thoughts and emotions have been eliminated. There are some experiences that cause the body to go into an automatic fight or flight mode which activates the nervous system instantly and exposes the body to stress and anxiety. When the patient recalls upon this memory they will undergo the same feelings that they did during the time of the trauma. There are memories that create an automatic response that is learned throughout our lives and it is common because it's associated with survival and defense mechanisms. These mechanisms are built by acknowledging present danger for protective measures.

When the body is in this mode it can cause an abundance of stress hormones and result in negative emotions such as fear and stress. Although these are necessary in extremely dangerous situations it isn't normal for the body to be exposed to the adrenalin and cortisol on a daily basis. Thought Field Therapy is conducted by taking an aggressive approach and re-setting the patient's nervous system; by resetting the function it reverses the fight or flight response. After treatment has been conducted the client will no longer have an automatic response in unnecessary situations. The negative emotions that are associated with the trauma will be completely eliminated.

Criticism of Thought Field Therapy

Many critique the use of Thought Field Therapy and categorize it as a philosophy instead of a supported science. Although acupuncture can correct "chi" energy, the use of it is scientifically discredited. Experts argue that there is a lack of evidence toward the presence of thought fields in the body. While many believe that this is a distortion of energy therapy it is argued that there is no direct way to document the force of this energy within the body.


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