Workplace Issues

Workplace Issues


Our jobs are part of our identity and they can be extremely important to us. Therefore, if any problems or disputes arise at work, the psychological effect can be very harmful. So what are the possible issues that can arise?

For most of us, a significant amount of time is spent working. Therefore, if the experience of going to work is unpleasant in any way, it can have a large impact on our lives. It is important for our mental health to ensure that we are doing a manageable amount of work, are able to achieve and get plenty of opportunities, feel able to take holidays and sick leave, receive fair pay, are treated with respect by our superiors and those below us, be physically safe, and feel secure in our jobs. Fortunately, these standards are now largely covered by laws and regulations about working environments. However, situations do arise where these basic rights are breached. So what are the common problems that arise in the workplace and what harm can these issues have?

How Workplace Issues Can Harm Us

Workplace issues can be very damaging to our psychological health. For example, in cases of workplace bullying, people may be exploited and verbally abused. This can cause them to experience low self-esteem; they might feel trapped and afraid to speak out, leading to feelings of hopelessness and depression. Because of financial pressures, the worry of losing a job can cause people to stay in a workplace, even if they are unhappy. This is exacerbated by the need for good references and recommendations, and a particularly competitive employment market. This causes high levels of stress and anxiety. People sometimes suffer from discrimination in the workplace. This might involve a lack of opportunities and responsibilities, or it might include active discrimination such as verbal abuse. This can again cause low self-esteem and depression. Individuals might be prevented from reaching their full potential, and psychologically, this is harmful. Perhaps the boss threatens employees with being fired or losing pay if they take sick days, holidays or maternity/paternity leave. This can cause people to overwork themselves and suffer from exhaustion and stress. Again, this is harmful to individuals. If you are suffering from issues in the workplace, whether they have been mentioned here or not, you might require help to overcome the problems and any psychological damage caused.

Workplace Issues and External Relationships

Workplace issues have a significant impact on our external relationships both in and outside of work. Of course, if problems arise in the workplace they will affect our relationships with co-workers, superiors, and inferiors. These relationships may be strengthened if people unite over certain issues. This may be small scale, for example in response to workplace bullying or it may be on a larger scale, such as strike action. However, on the flip side, relationships at work can suffer. This will result from disputes, side taking, discrimination, or even being overly competitive in the work place. If a relationship with a boss or superior is damaged, this could end in losing the job or receiving fewer responsibilities. Another potential outcome is the relationships with your inferiors being damaged. For example, perhaps you feel that they are not working hard enough, so advise them to put in more effort. However, the result has been to cause them to feel dejected or targeted and the working relationship has suffered. Respect is very important in all workplace relationships. Whatever the circumstances, if this is damaged or lost, the results will be harmful. If someone is experiencing serious problems in the work place, it will also affect their relationships outside of work. This includes relations with families and friends. The cause of this is often the related stress or anxiety problems, and appearing preoccupied. It can cause concern, or put tensions on relationships. If your relationships in or out of work are being affected because of a workplace issues, it is time to seek help.

How Therapy Can Help

Therapy can help you to overcome the issues that you are facing in the workplace. Having an impartial platform in which to voice frustrations or concerns is very valuable. Talking openly about the problems without fear of reprisal can help you to regain feelings of control over your own working situation and rights. It can give you the opportunity to put things back in perspective, and regain a positive frame of mind. If you have developed further psychological problems because of a workplace issue, therapy and counseling can help you to identify the problem and begin the recovery process. Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed about seeking help. Whatever the issue is, therapists and counselors will take it seriously, and will give you the support you require. Seek help from a professional and you will be on the right path to overcoming your workplace issues.

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