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                "Life is change.  We undergo change, loss and grief from birth onward.  Every venture from home, every move, every job or status change, every loss of a person, pet, belief, every illness, every shift in life such as marriage, divorce or retirement, and every kind of personal growth and change may be a cause for grief."    

                                                                                        Judy Tatelbaum

Loss and Grief
Life Transitions including divorce, retirement, relocation, empty nest, aging
Self Awareness and Personal Growth

MY PHILOSOPHY: I believe that each of us has a story to tell and that our stories often have a sense of loss within them. Sometimes it's a sense of losing someone or something outside of us and sometimes it's a sense of losing ourselves and with that, our core values. In a society that all too frequently says "forget," "get over it" or "you need to move on" I strongly believe that we not only have a desire to share our stories and to have our stories heard and honored without judgment but that it's a crucial part of the healing process.

Taking that first courageous step to make an appointment is the beginning of a process of self-commitment, self-exploration and possibility. I work in collaboration with my clients, believing that each has inner wisdom that often only needs some help to be unlocked. 

ABOUT ME: I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who is passionate about working with individuals who have experienced a loss or are in the midst of a life challenging or life enhancing transition. As the quote above says so well, loss comes in all shapes and sizes - sometimes as depression, sometimes as anxiety, often as other life challenges - yet, I believe that is always offers the opportunity for new learnings, insight and personal growth.

In addition to my Masters in Counseling Degree that I earned from Regis University, I have a previous Masters from Regis where I focused on various spiritual perspectives and loss and grief. I was particularly honored by my work with five courageous women who shared their stories of their older children who died and who became the basis of my Master's Capstone dissertation.

I have presented at local and national conferences on grief related topics and was honored to serve on the faculty at three clinical team conferences of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. I am a member of the American Counseling Association and the Colorado Counseling Association.

In addition, I am a co-founder of Shimmering Wings, a non-profit dedicated to providing support and resources to individuals who have been impacted by a childhood death loss. We offer peer support groups for children and teens who have experienced a death loss as well as for adults who experienced a death loss when they were a child. Our flagship program is Camp Erin, a free weekend grief camp for children and teens ages 6 - 17 who have experienced a death loss. Camp Erin offers fun, traditional, high-energy camp activities as well as grief related activities and emotional support.

Lastly, I am the mom of two amazing adult children and the "Nana" to two equally amazing grandchildren.   
         I look forward to working with YOU!

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