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  • Brian La Roy Jones, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Remarkable Services 1910 Olympic Blvd, Suite 365, Walnut Creek, California, 94596
  • Phone: 925-261-6688
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  • Session Fees: $175-$150. I encourage you to figure out a realistic budget for weekly therapy sessions.
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Webcam

Are You Sick and Tired of Feeling Rejected, Lonely, Confused, Anxious, Depressed, or Just Plain Stuck? 

If So, I Can Show You How You Can Experience Feeling Connected, Peaceful, Empowered, Energized, and Feeling Good!

Don't you agree life should be about more than just feeling less anxious, depressed, angry or conflict? I'm not in the “symptom reduction” business – like most therapists. Rather my focus is helping patients like you experience MORE. Picture experiencing not just less of something but more hope, love, connection, self-control, happiness, fulfillment, freedom, confidence, affection, compassion, trust, acceptance, validation, and feeling understood. Can you imagine what that would be like for you?

Would you like to not just get "out of pain" but to experience genuine and long lasting results so you're feeling good about yourself, your life and relationships? Based on real empirical research and science, I'll guide you so you can get real-world, tangible, and time-tested results - that last. Neurobiology has proven you can actually change your brain's anatomy and functionality - what this means for you is you *can* be different and have a different experience in life and your relationships - and I can show you how. 

(Working with Brian) was a great investment for our relationship and

we have definitely been reaping the benefits in

many areas of our relationship.❞ Vicki


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Are You Ready To Discover How To...

  • Stop your thoughts and feelings from controlling you
  • Increase your sense of safety and connection with yourself and others
  • Interrupt habitual patterns (like anxiety, anger, stress or fear) and then move forward in your life centered, calm and in control
  • Increase acceptance, kindness, and compassion for yourself and others
  • Understand why you do what you do (even when you don't want to) and how to respond more effectively
  • And much more! 

“I have had the privilege and blessing to work with Brian on some relationship issues I was facing and I am very grateful for this wonderful experience. I feel that Brian’s approach is a powerful combination of no nonsense tough love, larger than life encouragement and practical wisdom all bundled up and applied with unparalleled skill.

I don’t recall there ever being a time that I left one of Brian’s sessions feeling like I didn’t get much out of it. I actually felt that I got more than I bargained for. Not many people leave therapy sessions with a smile, but that’s exactly what would happen, every single time after I met with Brian. I absolutely had a lot of “Ah ha” moments. I am forever grateful to him for all the breakthroughs I’ve had.Les


 Am I A Great Fit For You?

My patients find I am non-judgmental, kind, compassionate, warm, caring, encouraging, trusting and accepting. I focus on creating a place where patients just like you can experience feeling understood, validated, encouraged, and safe. But don't take my word for it - read some of the experiences my patients have shared about me and see for yourself.

Patients regularly comment they feel more calm, peaceful, and empowered during our appointments. Wouldn't you like to experience more of these? I have no doubt you have the ability to overcome the problems and challenges in your life, and it would be my honor and privilege to show you how.

   “Like many entrepreneurs, I tended to throw myself completely into my work – long hours, every day of the week – losing sight of my family relationships and putting my patients first. It’s an easy trap to fall into. You put all this effort into learning everything you can about your client, and you stop learning and investing in your family relationships.

Brian really got me to see that I was reacting to my environment instead of really considering how each potential decision I made was affecting my family relationships. He helped me to understand that, just like the fact that there are principles for business success, there are also specific principles for family relationship success…and they can co-exist! Brian said something that really stuck with me…“Sometimes we miss out on God’s best for us, not because we make a bad choice per se, but because we settle on what is “good” and not what is “the best”.

You may not see it right now, but if you’re struggling in your personal relationships, you really need someone from outside your situation to show you – with practical steps – how to improve those relationships, without having to compromise your entrepreneurial endeavors. Brian is the guy that can do that!” Rick 

I Utilize a 3-Pronged Approach 

1. A lens of Interpersonal Neurobiology (a framework that looks across multiple disciplines that study the mind, brain and relationships, and how all three of these interact to shape who we are, and then how to promote optimal well-being – including non-judgmental insight into yourself and acceptance, empathy, kindness and compassion for another).
2. Attachment research (the science of relationships; how to understand why you do what you do; how to create safety, understanding, empathy, connection, and repair).
3. Somatic intervention (utilizing the body to heal trauma and other stress disorders; how to move toward more safety and connection with yourself and others; as well as sensing and interrupting habitual patterns (like anxiety, anger, stress or fear) and then moving forward in your life centered and more calm. 

"Do You Take My Insurance?"


If you're provider is a PPO, we may be able to leverage your out-of-network provider benefits to help cover part of the investment in therapy. How much your insurance provider will cover depends on your policy. I use a system that makes it easy and simple for you to get the most out of your out-of-network provider benefits.

IMPORTANT:  If you have HMO coverage, you will want to call your insurance provider and ask them for a list of in-network therapists. I am not on any HMO panels and you will be unable to use your HMO coverage for my services.

About Me


I graduated with my MA in Counseling, with an emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy from St. Mary's College of California in 2004. I actually began working with patients in 2003 as a trainee while still in grad school. Since then I have worked off and on as a therapist, and currently work as an Associate at Remarkable Services.

I have shown patients how to get relief and experience freedom from mental problems such as: depression, sex/porn addictions, anxiety, adjustment, bipolar I, and PTSD.

I have also served patients just like you experience hope & healing from: grief and loss; abuse; trauma; marital problems; separation; and divorce.

I offer the additional services as well: dating; pre-marital; parenting; anger management; and men’s issues. For those interested, I also offer Christian/Biblical counseling.


Before Brian, I didn’t realize how much grief I had set to the side thinking I had it managed. My father died and 2 days later my husband unexpectedly died, the same for my brother a few years later, and then my only grandchild moved out of state. Not to mention the mental loss of my mother. Brian empathically said, “You have had a lot of loss.” I hadn’t seen it that way before. The tears were right under the surface just waiting to be set freed.


Brian is like a guide. He helps you in discovering where you are emotionally and he meets you there. He is very intuitive. He may have something planned for the session but he can immediately perceive that you need to speak on another matter.


I have a habit of saying “I should.” The powerful three-letter word that Brian will ask is a very earnest “why?”. That through me for a loop. I had no idea “why I should”. I can be my own worst enemy and supplier of self-pressure. No one had ever asked me WHY before. Brian did and he waited for an answer. The question definitely put me into some deep reflection.


Brian has this openness and positivity about him that you immediately feel. You feel comfortable. You feel trust. I knew I could just talk to him. He helped me to understand the pain and grief that I was feeling, the anxiety, feelings of being overwhelmed, and depression. He looked at me as a whole person. He is respectful…very respectful. I never felt embarrassed or ashamed in his presence.  


One of the things I really like about Brian is he gives tangible exercises. Exercises to help yourself. To find that place of inner calm. Kind of like an emergency kit for a sudden anxiety flare-up. But also to help in the long term so that situations can be experienced without paralyzing anxiety or deep depression. We can’t avoid the unpleasant things in life. We have to find ways to accept and work our way through them. With Brian’s help, I am doing that. We are peeling back the layers.

I didn’t realize how low I had been feeling and projecting until one of my artsy coworkers said I had lost my “aura” but he could see it returning. On another occasion, I was chatting with a friend and she exclaimed, “She’s back!” The outward manifestation is sometimes seen before it is completely felt inwardly.

I can tell you I feel better each day and am taking steps to enrich my life instead of going home and sleeping it away as I was doing before seeking help. I’ve gotten involved with groups at church, I don’t wait to be invited out I take the initiative and extend the invitations. I recently took a train trip by myself to visit friends. I never would have been able to do that six months ago. I truly thank Brian for that!"  Shirley

***Please note, every patient, challenge, situation, diagnosis and treatment objective is unique and therefore these testimonies are not intended to guarantee any sort of results, nor should they be interpreted as typical results or benefits. Your results will be determined by your willingness, effort, consistent implementation, and particular situation, diagnosis and treatment objectives.*** 

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