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  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor
  • 1417 NW 54th St #332, Seattle, Washington, 98107
  • Phone: 425-610-6287
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  • Session Fees: $175/50 minutes
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These days, pretty much everyone has some kind of disordered eating, and anyone can have an eating disorder, no matter what they look like.

I help adults and teens ages 16+ free themselves from their disordered eating patterns without being shamed for making mistakes along the way.
Stop fighting your body! Changing disordered eating is hard enough without being at war with yourself. You've tried recovering on your own and have had mixed results at best. It's affecting your school, work, relationships, and your energy level. Reaching out to family and friends for support doesn't seem to work, because they just don't get it. You feel like you're still stuck in an endless cycle of dieting and bingeing, made even worse by constant societal messages about the importance of physical appearance.
It's time for your recovery efforts to stick. You know it's about more than white-knuckling through "eating more" or "eating less." It's about who you are and what kind of expectations you have for your life. You want to finally learn self-acceptance. You might make mistakes along the way, and I'll be there to support you.
I've worked with eating disorders in multiple levels of care, from residential to outpatient. My clients say they enjoy working with me because I'm laid-back and can crack a joke. I'm also Health at Every Size-aligned and fat-positive.
My clients struggle like you do. Despite being motivated, self-aware, and familiar with some of the tools of recovery, life is hard.

When they first come in, they feel overwhelmed by constant negative self-talk. They’re always obsessing about diet and exercise. Their eating disorder has power over them, and it’s hard to talk to family or friends about what they’re going through.

They have body image issues that just won’t go away. Shopping for new clothes, scrolling through social media, or pretty much anything involving looking in the mirror lays on a ton of extra anxiety.

They feel trapped in the kind of perfectionistic thinking that their eating disorder uses. Whether it’s wanting to switch jobs, changing how they show up in their relationships, or finding fulfilling hobbies, they feel paralyzed with indecision.

Their obsession with controlling food gets in the way of the life they want in so many ways. They aren’t the kind of friend and partner they want to be. They feel like they’re failing at work or school. And their confidence in their ability to take care of themselves is tanking.

Before they came to see me, they weren’t sure that therapy would be worth the investment. They worried it would only prove that they’d never be able to break free from the cycle of dieting and bingeing. And they were pretty certain they’d never be happy with the decision to try to recover in the first place. Feeling ashamed of these things just seemed like too much to handle.

Like my clients, you deserve to eat intuitively and stress-free. Self-acceptance is not out of your reach. If you want to start living in a way that matches your own values, I’d love to help you get there.

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