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I have been helping people live a more comfortable life for over 32 years.  I see clients individually, as a couple, and as a family.  I am married for 45 years to my wonderful and loving wife, Nancy, who is also a counselor at my practice.  We have raised three wonderful children.   Our son Tom also works with us and directs our DUI programs.  Prior to opening my practice I was a program director of 4 inpatient and outpatient substance abuse programs in Chicago for over 12 years.  I have taught at George Williams College where I developed a one-year training program for counselors.  I have written two books, "The Trap Map" and "New Attitudes".  I also produced a training film for counselors "How to Prevent Patients from Pushing your Buttons".  I have presented seminars at conferences throughout the country.  In addition I have consulted with many companies to help them with their employees.
I believe that counseling is like educating my clients.  I teach my clients new tools on how to deal with their anxiety and depression.  My clients have shared with me that they like my warm personality and the way I really listen to them and I'm not judgmental.  I demonstrate to my clients that there are many choices they have that they are not aware of which gives them the feeling of direction and freedom.  My main goals for my clients are to be happy and comfortable. Another important goal is to turn "fear focus to fun focus" which at the beginning is very challenging.  
 When I see a client individually,  I help them identify their attitudes that are self-limiting and help them look at what behaviors they are doing or not doing that reinforce these self-limiting attitudes.  I have  a list of healthy behaviors for my clients to work towards.  For example: setting boundaries with consequences, having foresight,  not mind-reading, avoid critical and judgmental people, and not letting people influence you on what you like or what you want to do. 
In couples counseling,  I identify what the individuals see as the problem and possible solutions.  I have found that many of the issues are there because certain emotional needs are not being met. The following are some common emotional needs:  the need to be listened to,  the need to trust and to be trusted,  the need to have fun, the need to be believed, and the need to be encouraged.  Couples need to change from being competitive  to cooperative,  change putdowns to compliments and from debating to listening.  In addition, I have had a very good success rate for helping couples deal with infidelity.
I also conduct  interventions for the family that needs help with their loved ones who have an addiction problem.
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