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  • Dr. Frank Lodato, PHD
  • 4127 Atlantic Avenue, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 08401
  • Phone: 609-344-5315 or 609-703-1729
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  • Session Fees: 1st session - $110.00 (includes special hypnosis cd for home use). 2nd session - and on - $95.00 . Special discounts for stop smoking and weight control programs.
  • www.hypnosisclinic.com

Over 40 years of therapeutic breakthroughs, specializing integrated approach of solutions focus therapy and hypnosis.  As a professional hypnosis therapist over 90% of his clients have successfully stopped smoking and short term therapy loss. He is an expert in the field of hypnotherapy and behavior modification methods.  He has provided exceptional care implementing effective treatment for both children and adults.

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Atlantic City NJ