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Evolution to healthy change will be a partnership in which we will investigate, negotiate, co-create and celebrate. My approach is patient, non-judgemental and positive - looking not only at reality, but at possibilities as well; for behavior does not say everything about a human being.  Establishing a counseling relationship includes: courtesy, honest communication, and trust. This is not easy and will require reaching agreements with which we can both be satisfied. I never pretend to have all the answers, but together we can discover within you, the important questions and progressive solutions. My specialty is tackling difficult, complex issues and behaviors, through reflecting what you present. Together, we will discuss your goals in order to tailor treatment to your specific issues. At each appointment, we will evaluate levels of distress and measure improvement. Though my private office is located in Silver City, I provide long distance counseling via phone and/or Skype.

** Please note that I do use alternative healing modalities with clients, if talk therapy is not enough, and the fit is appropriate. Please feel free to ask.

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