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  • Registered Psychotherapist (Reg# 003802)
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      60 Collier St.Suite 207
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   Every person has a story to tell.  Not only do you have a story to tell, you also have the power to change that story.  Each person has the ability to draw meaning and purpose from their story.  This is a driving force behind Elaine's counselling approach.  Here is some of her story.
   Since high school Elaine knew she wanted to work in the field of psychology.  This made the choice of going to university simpler and she graduated from Redeemer University College with a B.A. in Psychology.  After graduation Elaine spent time committed to raising a family of three girls.  Elaine also spent those years working in several different fields gaining valuable experience working with both developmental and physically handicapped adults and children and seven years as an Educational Assistant in the private school system.  This gave Elaine a multitude of experience in helping individuals and families dealing with learning difficulties, behaviour issues, social difficulties and the impact this has on individuals, parents and families.
   After some time in the workforce, Elaine decided to return to Tyndale University and Seminary to complete her Master's of Divinity in Clinical Counselling.  As a result, Elaine spent some time working for Hamilton's Child and Adolescent Services where she gained excellent practical experience in a clinical setting.  Elaine is a registered member of OAMHP, an organization which adheres to strong ethical practice and support for best practices in Ontario.  She is also a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. The goal had been reached.
   Elaine firmly believes that every person who walks through her door is unique and the difficulties they bring with them are shaped by the individuals own personal experiences, familial upbringing, morals, values and beliefs.  For this reason, Elaine prefers to take a person-centered, integrative approach to therapy.  Drawing from different therapeutic models and in cooperation with the client  a therapeutic approach is developed that best meets the interest and needs of the client.  Elaine believes that in tailoring the therapeutic approach to the client, it will be easier to create space for the client to gain different perspectives, meaning and understanding of their situation.  During this process, the client begins to experience renewed confidence and assurance in their ability to accomplish their goals.
   A lot of Elaine's professional experience has been working with children, adolescents and families.  She is able to connect with children and youth easily and works to build on their strengths to help them reach their goals.  Through experience Elaine has learned counselling children and adolescents in their home environment is more effective them having them come to an office.  For this reason, in home counselling is a service offered.  Some of the issues Elaine has helped children and youth overcome are:
1.  Anxiety, both social and general
2.  Depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts and tendencies
3.  Issues regarding identity, acceptance and self-confidence
4.  School refusal
   In addition to working with children and adolescents individually, Elaine seeks to help the family navigate through the effects of particular issues on the family.  This includes working with parents and siblings in a way that best serves all involved. In order to provide the best service possible to her client, Elaine will also work with teachers, school administrators and other community organizations to promote a safe and secure environment for the child or youth.
   Additional services offered are psychotherapy to adults dealing with difficulties such as grief and loss, complex trauma, abuse and survivors of childhood abuses and anxiety and depression.  These issues can interfere with daily living and relationships.  Elaine works with the individuals experiencing these difficulties and encourages them to move forward towards the life and relationships they desire.
Pre-Marriage and marriage counselling services are also offered.
  Elaine strives to create a counselling environment that is caring and compassionate for every person who comes.  In the first visit, Elaine takes the time to get to know you as an individual, is curious to hear your story and is interested in your personal and family history, culture, values and interests, your strengths and accomplishments.  During the therapy process difficult issues can be opened up to discover new perspectives, meaning and understanding.  All therapy is client-centered; that is the you set the pace of the therapy, you set personal goals and you are encouraged to be open and honest with yourself.  Success is determined by you; you know your life best and will know what is working well and what is not.  The benefits of therapy with Elaine include respect for all individuals, empathy and understanding of the situation, practical approaches to making changes and insight, honesty and integrity as a therapist.  In working together, emotions will become healthier, personal strategies and coping skills will be maximized and changes will be evident.
Change can happen.


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