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*Free Consultation by calling 866-875-2915 today* There is still hope for your marriage. You are not the only one who has wondered if the hurt is too deep to recover from. You may feel like you’ve tried it all. You don’t want a divorce, but things aren’t looking good.
 You are not alone. Focus on the Family's Hope Restored is a world-class marriage intensive program that has helped over 7,000 couples find hope for their marriage. What is an Intensive? What are the benefits?
  • An intensive is a year’s worth of counseling in just 3-5 days that allows our licensed counselors to help you get to the root of your issues.
  • We are like the Mayo Clinic of marriage counseling – we offer specialized help that goes beyond what a ‘primary care doctor’ can offer.
  • We find that getting away to a secluded, hospitable environment helps couples connect to their counseling in an effective way. 
  • Most couples are experiencing a significant amount of marital distress or have even begun the divorce process. If you find yourselves stuck in patterns and cycles of conflict, an intensive could be right for you.
 We are here to help couples like you:

  • 7,000 couples from all 50 states and 30 countries have found hope
  • 99% satisfaction rate
  • Your issues are not too ‘bad’ or ‘weird’ - we are not judgmental, and we have seen it all.
 3 Beautiful LocationsEvery detail of our beautiful retreat centers were designed with you and your marriage in mind, allowing you to escape from the daily distractions of life and focus on your most important relationships.
During your time with us, you will notice your pace slowing down, you will unwind, and reconnect with yourself, your spouse and with God. We look forward to serving you and your marriage.

  • Branson, Missouri
  • Greenville, Michigan
  • Rome, Georgia
  • For locations in Canada, call 1.833.999.HOPE (4673)

  • Our all-inclusive rate includes:
    • 32 hrs of professional counseling
    • 5-star lodging and meals
    • 15-week aftercare program. 
    • Programs begin at $3950; and

  • We are happy to provide a bill for you to submit to your insurance company
  • generous scholarship program is made available by people who care about your marriage- get an answer in 1-2 business days on what you may qualify for.
  • We recognize that this is a big investment into your marriage. This is an all-inclusive rate that includes a year's worth of counseling. 9 out of 10 of our clients have told us their investment was worth the cost. 

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